Nigeria: 10,000 Christians March Against Terrorism In Kaduna

About 10,000 persons staged a peace procession in Kaduna State yesterday against the Christmas Day bombings of a church in Madalla, near Suleja, Niger State and in other parts of northern Nigeria.

The procession, which took place in Zonkwa, the headquarters of Zangon Kataf Local Government Area (LGA), called for a united voice against terrorism.

The marchers said that God has a divine purpose for creating Nigeria, and as such the country must not be allowed to be destroyed by evil men posing as religious champions.

Speaking to the crowd, the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) of Zangon Kataf LGA, Rev. Sunday Ibrahim, said God did not create man for another man to kill with satanic pleasure in the guise of fighting for Him.

Rev. Ibrahim said: “In Madalla, women and children were praying to God, only to be bombed with no provocation whatsoever. That was just one of the several terrorist acts carried out on churches by people who hate God and his children. They kill people with satanic pleasure to please themselves.

“God has a divine purpose for every human being. God has a divine purpose for Nigeria to be created. No man has a right to kill any man. God did not allow Nigeria to be created for someone to destroy.

“Christians and all those who believe in peace must speak up against terrorism. If you don’t stand up against terrorism, one day you would stand on the Judgment Day and face your Creator.”

The Secretary of the organizing committee of Celebrate Christ, (as the march was tagged), Pastor Isaac Ango Makama, in his speech, said, “Though many attempts have been made to rubbish the birthday of Jesus, his people shall always triumph against evil.

“The work of Christ gains more roots in periods of persecution. We shall always condemn terrorism. We shall always celebrate Jesus. I want everyone to mark a day every year and celebrate Him and to also distance ourselves from mass murderers.

Let’s fight them with love. Let’s fight them with the way we live our lives. Jesus will always win.”

The procession included masquerades and traditional dances in open moving vans.


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