Nigeria: Groups Call For Jonathan’s Impeachment

The Nigerian Labor Congress, NLC, in Ogun State and the Trade Union Congress, TUC, have urged the National Assembly to impeach President Goodluck Jonathan for alleged contravention of the constitution.

The group has stated its displease with the Federal Government’s decision to remove the fuel subsidy. Already there was a mass protest by students under the aegis of National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, against the removal of fuel subsidy.

During the protest that took place on major streets in the state capital, the students shut down the state capital for hours, describing the removal of oil subsidy as unfavorable for the common people.

The state chairman of NLC, Comrade Akeem Ambali, said “the state chapter of NLC received with rude shock the lawlessness of President Jonathan to give Nigerians this kind of New Year gift. It is simply a bad new year gift which all Nigerians have to reject.”

He added that “the National Assembly must as a matter of urgency begin impeachment proceedings against Mr. President. This is not what we are asking for; the problem of Boko Haram is there staring us in face without any positive step from Mr. President, yet, he decided to inflict us with this injury on increase in pump price of petroleum products.”

Ambali also said all the state civil servants would “reject this illegal, insensitive and unjustifiable action. Ogun state workers are determined to fight this struggle.”

Similarly, the state chairman of TUC, Comrade Seyi Adebanjo called on the National Assembly to sanction the President for not seeking approval before the removal of subsidy.

He vowed that the TUC would react in a very harsh way to the policy as soon as it gets directive from its national body.

  1. sylvok Reply

    Go! Mr. president, Go! now

  2. Acuh Reply

    The Labour Union will only achieve mrnaiagl results. Best case: Dr. Jonathan concedes and allows a 50% reduction instead of total removal of subsidy. And then removes everything later quietly. His actions are darker than is immediately obvious. Interesting to think that an oil-producing country (one of the foremost, for that matter) will even have oil subsidy removal on it’s table of issues requiring attention. Petrol/gas/Diesel should never be more expensive than N50/Litre! The government has been blinded by the numbers involved and played into the hands of the oil-importing cabal. President Jonathan is now focused on treating symptoms of a disease instead of the root-cause itself. He will ultimately look like a medical doctor who spends sleepless nights fighting each new stage in the symptomatic manifestations of an undocumented and unfamiliar virus. By the time the Doctor discovers that the replication of the pathogens in the patient’s body has not been hampered, the patient has already entered the final stage in the battle for supremacy between Life and Death. Rigor Mortis (Death grips, uncontrollable muscular spasms, and jaw lock) sets in. And the good Doctor weeps in despair at his error.The real issues are:1. Successful Revival of our four (4) refineries, and the successful construction of more across the country, so that we stop being the laughing-stock of the comity of nations by importing processed crude from the same people we sold it to, and then selling it to ourselves at international rates.2. Final resolution of the electricity supply issue by ordering customs to clear the rotting power equipment that has been locked down at Apapa for a lifetime, due to power plays and lobbying by Power Generator Set Importers and other selfish parties benefiting from the stone-age status of our country. This, Dr. Jonathan knows, will have an instant positive effect on the economy, and quality of life in Nigeria.Alternative sources of funding:1. Alerting the lawmakers and politicians to the unique opportunity presented to them to sacrifice just half of their monthly incomes to build a Nigeria where THEY would be our heroes.2. All the evaporated monies in our Foreign Reserve should be refunded, or accounted for. Where, for instance is the $13Bn that was in our Foreign Reserve just before he became Acting President? The country’s silence foes not imply that we are unaware of anomalies in his public character. What did the Governors who went to meet and discuss the savings in the Reserve do with their alleged share of the money? THAT would have nicely paid for extensive overhauls of the power sector, or helped considerably in building an efficient, modern and WORKING refinery.The NSIA Fund is a belated attempt to undo the financial damage that has been done to Nigeria since Dr. Ebele Jonathan became Acting President. We thought he would understand better the plight of the common man. He is now rich beyond his dreams and has forgotten the mire from whence he came.

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