Nigerian Government Announces Palliatives For Subsidy Removal

Nigerian Government plans to massively import diesel-engine mass transit vehicles as part of measures taken to cushion the effect of deregulation of downstream sector of the petroleum industry.

This is part of the agreements reached at the Emergency Meeting of the Federal Executive Council in Abuja.

The meeting also constituted a committee to ensure urgent importation and distribution of the vehicles to reduce the hardship.

The Federal Executive Council (FEC) also announced the payment of salary to Public Servants by January 20 to enable them overcome the hardships occasioned by the removal of fuel subsidy.

The Minister of Information, Mr Labaran Maku, while briefing State House Correspondents on the outcome of an emergency meeting of FEC in Abuja on Wednesday said that President Goodluck Jonathan had also directed the Federal Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) to meet on or before January 15, to finalise all necessary arrangements to ensure the payment of the salary as directed.

“As parts of measures to address the discomfort and pains the citizens are going through, Mr President had directed that by January 20, salaries in the public service should be paid. So, he also directed the Ministry of Finance to fast track the meeting of FAAC to ensure that by Junaury 15, the meeting should take place to ensure early payment of salaries in the public service to workers”, he said.

The Minister stated that the Council had approved the payment all outstanding local debts to contractors, running into billions of naira to address some of the problems being faced by the citizens.

He expressed optimism that the payment of these debts to the contractors would assist in stabilising public works and also cushions the effects of the deregulation of the petroleum sector.

The Council also directed all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDGs) to immediately fill all existing vacancies in their respective MDAs to address the problem of youth unemployment.

The Minister appealed all Nigerians to shun any act capable of creating disunity among the diverse ethnic and religious groups in the country.

He also called on Nigerians to appreciate the extreme difficulties the nation was going through, saying that the Government sympathised with the people on the hardships being experienced.

“We are not here to punish Nigerians. These measures are for the greater good of all Nigerians.” , he said.


  1. Collins Reply

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    You were duly warned that the massess are the foundation upon which democracy is built. Inorder wards in Democracy the Government should have a say but the Massess should have the final say. You wanted to play the Cowboys like the Military but it has now backfired. The reason why you are bound to fail is that you are so weak and do not have the bols and shock absorber like the military and furthermore this is a democratic dispension and not authocratic Militarism.
    I think the Massess have been taken for granted for a very long time in our country because of our gentility. Let me however remind you that the gentle strides of the Tiger is not weakness. If you annoy the Tiger to high extreme the result will be catastrophic. How dare you test our resolve so much and what make you think that the SERVANT is now going to be bigger than the MASTER.

    We are going to sort it once of all at least to prove a point that we the Massess have all the powers. Enough is enough and remember you were pre-warned that this is one battle you cannot win. Having bitten more than you can chew, you are already panicking even before we show you the sterner stuff we were made off by quickly trying to hide under a negotiating Panel. Next time you will learn to think before you act and not the other way round.
    You are wasting your time as we are not shifting our ground. We can only discuss reducing the previous cost of fuel in line with valuable education from the noble men who should know better -our brilliant Professors- who have opened our eyes by demonstratable calculations based on provable facts and not by gimmicks and conjecture……abrakadabra.

    The recommended way forward
    (a) You have to immediately stop this nonsense and listen to your BOSS-THE PEOPLE.
    (b) You have to do it our way and not your way and we will not only be demanding immediate reversal of this draconian move by your administration but we will requesting further reduction as per demonstrable calculation by the Experts. If you disagree with their calculations, we would like to see your own counter calculations. All these facts can easily be verifiable. Better still you can engage the mass in open debate. If the Massess have to bear the blunt of this unpopular move, they are entitled to be convinced that you are saying the truth. Luckily the able Professors who have not even accepted there was subsidy in the first place and stated that Government are gainining not loosing, have challenged you for a transparent meeting in the court of the public opinion. We are watching and waiting for you to accept the challenge unless you have sceleton in your cupboard.
    (d) Be also warned that you have breeched our constitution on numerous occassions with reckless abandon which is unacceptable and impeachable. Please do not dare us as you have a badly timed addittional fire that will consume you if you do not take your time. Please get it into your tick skull that you are the SERVANT and we are your MASTER and not the other way round. How dare you take a decision that concern us UNILATERALLY, by despicing the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY_THE PEOPLES’ REPRESENTATIVES.
    (e) You maintained there was no way out and we the massess maintain that there are many other ways out and that you have to do it our way. Ofcourse you are entitled to disagree and we are also entitled to replace you with somebodty who can prove to you that Nigeria can even survive without fuel, as we were surviving before fuel was discovered. Do not insult our collective intelligence by telling us bullshit that Nigeria will become heaven on earth courtesy of the money you are going to recover from removal of fuel subsidy.
    Aha! just while we are at this point, please remind your greedy wife to return the multibillions she has swindled Nigerians under false pretense through her pet project. First lady is not in our constitution so be warned. A word is enough for the wise.


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    That’s kind of… abrupt.

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