1. ilesanmi Reply

    it is necessary Nigerians take a stand, Pains have been inflicted enough. The F.G have mismanaged our resources and money on selfish interest, now the country is broke & they think fuel subsidy removal is the only way to stop the Economy from crumbling. NIGERIANS SAY NO TO PRICE HIKES!!! Kudos to Nigerians in Washigton DC & my brethens from another mother.

  2. busayo Reply

    we all first believe we have got the right man in power when we all voted for goodluck jonathan we never knew he is a devil in disguise his name in reverse or opposite badluck jonathan a puppet president

  3. busayo Reply

    we can no longer bear this pain and hardship enough is enough nigerians get up stand up let us stand up for our right

  4. Lola Reply

    Thank you brothers ans sisters,we are in a mess with this callous rulers who professes they are leaders but lack all the quality required.I dont understand yet,it looks to be that a remote control is behind the scene.

    • Adefemi Reply

      The remote control is the cabal that Gej is incapable of facing has a leader.

  5. Agatha Benson Reply

    May God be with y’all supporting the evil that bestowed on us from PDP/Jonathan Goodluck. We’ve been denied democracy by the govt of PDP/JEG. Our struggle continues until we succeed in our mission. Not only removal of oil subsidy that we’re fighting against and pandemic corruption in Nigeria. PEACE WILL REIGN IN NIGERIA.

  6. Bob blaze Reply

    Crying mode activated….i sowi 4 ma pipu…oh 9ja.

  7. ik Reply

    okonjo Iwuala is blaming the governors while the governors are blaming the CBN governor for the removal of fuel subsidy. Who is Jonathan going to blame. They thought Nig. will not react and people have died for this what a shameless

  8. edwin eferetin Reply

    No pain no gain, 50 year of pain should be a enough. A President that couldn’t handle his responsibility in fighting cabal to save our money for development in a Nation is a fail president. A President that encourage corruption asking the common man to continue to pay the cabal that he suppose to fight. He didn’t want to continue to pay cabal but the common nigeria on the street should do so because he want build Nigeria over night. Nigerian should wake up and take their destiny in their hand.

  9. sAmmy Reply

    Gooddoom wants to doom every body GOD forbid to hell wit him

  10. chipet Reply

    Is a sin 4 a man to wake up one day to dream of punishing a whole Country like Nigeria. i pity Goodluck b/c whom think dt been in power gives him d right to wicked d poor Nigerians dt voted him in b/c our God, who has d ultimate POWER have rised up to PUNISH him & save his PEOPLE 4ever 4rm d evil ones.

  11. chipet Reply

    God love us all my fellow NIGERIANS, so no shaking. He is there 4 us

  12. kazonit Reply

    What do u except frm sum1 dat suppose to manage “ANIMAL” is voted for to manage”HUMAN”.Have u forgotten that our President had doctorate in zoology.

  13. Pholuso Reply

    May God save Nigerian from dis shamelless president

  14. Juwa Reply

    Fellow Nigerians,

    Lets insist that Nigerian Leaders should cut their ALLOWANCES, SECURITY VOTES AND THEIR MEGA SALARIES by at least 40% as the cost of governance in Nigeria is the highest in the world.

    If our dear country needs sacrifice, we will all be part of it, but non of them buys fuel for their cars and generators, only the common and the masses do.

    Their inefficiences and corruption lead Nigeria to where we are. Our Leaders are our natural disasters.

    Foreign Accounting Firms should be hired to audit NNPC books. Security problems all over. Nigeria has multifaceted issues.

    God has mercy.

  15. yakubu Reply

    The issue now is not only taking back the pump price to N65,more refinary in Nigeria.

  16. Eniola olotimehin Reply

    GOD help us =ooo,dis our leders r ole, der r self fish an selfsenterd.

  17. olayinka Reply

    senate president earning 88 million naira in a month, the masses are looking for one rap of fufu to eat.

  18. olayinka Reply

    Minister of petroleum bought a house worth 20 million euro, what kind of leaders do will have in Nigeria.

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