Thirty Storey-building Built In 15 Days

This hotel has an unlikely ‘storey’ — as all its 30 floors were built in just 15 days.

Not a single worker was injured in construction of the Ark Hotel in the inland city of Changsha, China.

Despite being built so quickly, the 183,000 square foot monster can withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake, according to construction firm Broad Group.

The whole effort was filmed for a time-lapse video.


  1. Tope John Reply

    TЂi§ ‎​ΐ§ amazing!bt i pray it shud stand d test of time. Good job dey av done,dey shud keep it up. China is a blessing 2 d entire world

  2. Simon James Reply


  3. Benedict Friday Reply

    Wow, I jst can nt believe this! It is exceedingly amazing, incredible. Pls, where can we get d full documentry?

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