Labour Set To Sue Jonathan, Ringim For The Death Of Protesters

The Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, Trade Union Congress, TUC, and civil society organizations on Monday threatened to sue President Goodluck Jonathan and the Inspector General of Police, IGP, Hafiz Ringim, for the death of Nigerians that the police have killed during the first day of a peaceful protest against the oil subsidy removal.

In a press statement it issued yesterday, the NLC’s head of information unit, Chris Uyot, said: “This mindless killing of unarmed Nigerians on a peaceful protest is strongly condemned. The Inspector General of Police and President Jonathan will be held responsible for these senseless deaths. We have started the process with the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) to bring these culprits to book.”

The NLC President, Abdulwaheed Omar, had during the protest asked Nigerians to hold Dr Jonathan responsible for eleven protesters labour said were murdered in cold blood by trigger-happy policemen in Lagos, Kano, and Maiduguri.

In his words: “We are very very sad about the news of the killing of several Nigerians participating in the nationwide protest. We will be writing to President Goodluck Jonathan to inform him that Nigerians will hold him personally responsible for the lives of these Nigerians that have been taken by Policemen to defend his illegal decision to remove subsidy on petrol. If this bad decision was not taken, Nigerians would not have found it necessary to protest for the police to have the opportunity to kill them.”

Patrick Obahiagbon, a former member of the House of Representatives, also criticized the Jonathan administration.

“What the government is practicising is ‘cabalocracy’, which is government of the cabal, by the cabal and for the cabal,” Obahiagbon said, “It is shocking that rather than the government going after the cabal it said benefited from the huge subsidy that is causing the problem in the petroleum industry, it is preferring to punish the people who gave him the mandate.”

Meanwhile, the leadership of the NLC and TUC rose from a two-hour meeting with Senate leadership at Senate President David Mark’s official residence in Apo, insisting that the strike would go on until fuel price is reversed from 141 naira to the old 65 naira.

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    rada should’nt it be’Govt sues NLC 4 d Nign citizens who lost dia,was it Goodluck dat calld 4 d strike,should’nt der ve been oda means of mkin ur grieviances knwn rada den strike,must everyting in nig b achieved thru strike.

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      ln any community ,there is always a judas,l can imagine this x1 as a judas, who knows is one of them stealing our wealth that belongs to every nigerians., what a shame

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