Sudan Blocks S. Sudan From Exporting Crude Oil – Stephen Dhieu

South Sudan’s minister of petroleum and mining, Stephen Dhieu, has accused Sudan of blocking South Sudan crude oil exportation.

In his words, “Khartoum authority has prevented two ships from leaving the port carrying 1.6 million barrels of Dar blend originating from south Sudan and preventing one additional vessel to load 0.6 million barrels of South Sudan Dar blend, and it has also prevented two other ships from entering the port of Sudan to take possession of 1.2 million barrels of Nile blend purchased from South Sudan.”

According to Dhieu, the government of Khartoum has decided to once again steal crude oil from the republic of South Sudan, rather than view a new year as an opportunity for renewed cooperation.

He added that Khartoum ordered 550,000 barrels of South Sudan Dar blends crude oil entitlement for December to be delivered to a Sudan buyer, adding that Khartoum has started construction of a new pipeline between the petrodar pipeline and Khartoum refinery designed to permanently divert 13 percent Dar blend to boost its revenue and economy.

Dhieu said that the government of South Sudan has denounced the unilateral acts by the government of Sudan, and that any diversion of its oil without its consent is nothing less than theft and preventing loaded ships within South Sudan crude oil from leaving the port is unlawful and that Khartoum act is a violation of the international laws and norms.

Addressing the press, Dhieu appealed to the oil companies which are responsible operators’ transporters and custodians of South Sudan oil have properly refused Sudan’s to divert our oil. He also reminded Khartoum that the 1.6 million barrels of Dar blend, now loaded on to the ship, no longer belong to South Sudan.

The Minister said that the shipper and the purchaser are now pursuing legal actions against Sudan. He said that all penalties and damages resulting from the illegal taking of oil and disrupting and delay in the shipping schedules will undoubted be borne by the people of Sudan who took no part in the ill advised decisions taken by Khartoum government.

The minister promised that the government of South Sudan will take legal actions against anyone who purchases Sudan’s crude while South Sudan’s oil is being stolen at the same time the Government of Sudan and all those that benefit from such illegal acquisitions will find no refuge from South Sudan legal authorities and will enjoy no future business with the government of South Sudan.

In November, Sudanese officials announced the country will take 23 percent of the South’s vital oil exports as payment in kind.

Dhieu said in December that any sale of southern oil confiscated by Sudan would be “an illegal act.”

The African Union is mediating talks between the two nations in Addis Ababa, where another round is scheduled for January 17.

Oil revenues make up almost all of the Juba government’s income, while Khartoum lost the vast majority of its export earnings, which came from petroleum.

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