FG Plans To Declare State Of Emergency In Lagos By Force – ACN

The Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, has on Thursday revealed the alleged plan by the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency in Lagos State by sending thugs to create chaos.

In a statement, the National Publicity Secretary of ACN, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has warned the Federal Government to allow the Nigerian people to continue their peaceful protests or bring the protest to an end by reverting to the old petrol price.

The statement: “Since the fuel strike started, we have noted the increasingly bellicose rhetoric emanating from the Federal Government.

We have reasons to believe the not-too-subtle threats are a precursor to something sinister by a government that has pushed itself into a cul-de-sac, from which it is now looking for a face-saving way out.

“While we abhor violence as an instrument of protest – an ACN culture that is well known – we must warn that issuing military-era threats are not compatible with a democratic dispensation, and that no amount of force on earth can suppress a determined people.

“In particular, the civil society-anchored demonstrations at the Gani

“Leaders of both the Christian and the Muslim faith have been brought to show that sectarian violence cannot be used to divide the people.

Music has been used effectively as a means of dousing tension and letting off steam.

“It is therefore clear that unless the Federal Government has a hidden agenda, it should rather hail the organizers of the Lagos protests, instead of planning to infiltrate their ranks with thugs as it has done in Abuja, where thugs were reportedly sent after peaceful protesters.”

Meanwhile, the Nigeria Police Force has advised protesters to remain law-abiding.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police (Admn), Mr. Azubuko Udah, during a meeting with Commissioners of Police in Lagos on Thursday, also warned protesters to desist from burning tyres on the roads.

  1. Yahaya Reply

    O ga o. May God help us in Nigeria

  2. olukayode Reply

    ACN is a liere, check your governor is the one that request for military to form OP MESA why are you people complaning again ,spot shouting of federal govt. No body declear state of emergence in lagos ,is the governor;

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