Nigeria: Boko Haram Leader, Abubakar Shekau’s Message To Jonathan

The leader of Nigerian Islamist sect Boko Haram, Imam Abubakar Shekau, in his first video of him posted online, said recent killings of Christians were justifiable revenge attacks and President Goodluck Jonathan had no power to stop the group’s insurgency.

Reuters says the 15 minute video of Abubakar Shekau posted on YouTube is similar in style to messages submitted by other Islamist groups like al Qaeda, a sign of the growing influence other jihadist movements are having on the sect.

“Christians, everyone knows what they have done to us and Muslims … we were attacked and we decided to defend ourselves and, because we were on the right path, Allah has made us stronger,” Shekau says in Hausa, sat in front of two Kalashnikov rifles and wearing a camouflage bullet proof jacket.

“Jonathan, (you) know fully well that this thing is beyond your powers,” he added, referring to the president.
Shekau is understood to have taken over control of Boko Haram, which wants sharia law more widely applied across Africa’s most populous nation, after the sect’s founder Mohammed Yusuf was killed in police custody in 2009 following an uprising in which 700 people were killed.

“Everyone knows how our leader was murdered and everyone knows the way the Muslims were killed,” Shekau says, remaining stony faced and calm throughout.

“Catastrophe is caused by unbelief, unrest is unbelief, injustice is unbelief, democracy is unbelief and the constitution is unbelief.”

“This religion of Christianity you are practicing is not a religion of God-it is paganism. God frowns at it. What you are practicing is not religion. Aside that, you Christians cheated and killed us to the extent of eating our flesh like cannibals! You did all you wanted to us. We are trying to coerce you to embrace islam, because that is what God instructed us to do. Even at that, without provocation, you slaughtered us and took our wives and humiliated us! Now you CAN president, you come out to say your people should come out and do whatever they want to do! Any right thinking person knows what you mean, any right thinking person knows what you’re saying. This is why as leader of this sect i tell you to repent and to you Christians, repent! This path we’re taking is God’s path. Fellow muslims, understand us! Our objective is not to kill or humiliate or steal.”

This explanation has become necessary, even if I don’t explain, I can decide to keep mute because the person I love to know me like this is God.”

“I have no objective than to help the religion of God, that is all I can explain. But if u want further explanation, we have tapes you can listen to and know our objectives. This is also my message to the President of Nigeria, Jonathan, who has come out to say negative things about us and also a lot of harm to us-God has given us victory and we have done what we want to do. This is almost 11 yrs. our members are being killed! Anything people want to say or do, we say enough is enough! We serve God and we do not harm anybody, but anybody that looks for our trouble, we will face such person or persons!”

“We follow the tenets of the Quran and anybody that thinks he can fight God shouldn’t think his prayer or praying in the mosque can save him! Any muslim that cheats and hides under the cloak of religion, if we know such person, we wont hesitate to eliminate him. Yes, I am saying so because it doesn’t take 5 minutes to kill just as we’re being killed. We follow the teachings of the Quran. This is what God has told me to explain. Allhamdulillah!”

Culled from The Nation

  1. omarkinght Reply

    This ȋ̝̊̅§ ά̲̣̣̣̥ rubbish boko haram was set my goverment which made ȋ̝̊̅̄N̶̲̅ Ŧнe̶̲̥̅ notifier -ǾƑ- goodluck Ŧнe̶̲̥̅ aim ȋ̝̊̅§ τ̅☺ devide nigeria into two α̲̅πϑ we know ‎​Ι̥τ̲̅ many times we Ħª♈ξ seen unmoslem garrying bobm τ̅☺ churches just τ̅☺ black mail moslem

    • Ali Reply

      If they keep blowing up nrrioady people and southerners in the north bear the brunt of the attacks, then we will keep insinuating the religious angle. Lets face it, the need for religious subjudication fuels terrorism all over the muslim dominated world. Thats where the stereotype stems from. Let BH blow up 10 important government officials, then we’ll know they are against the state. The only way they can recruit in droves is by telling the ignorant muslims that this is an holy war and Alijuana is assured. Abeg, leave story.

  2. Hell boy Reply

    Fellow nigerians please let us leave the false message been sent by the men of the under world who does not know peace,i beg u muslim brothers and christian brothers,please do not support the destruction of this country all because of some scrupulus elements,who does not know peace in their lives.
    Fellow nigerians let us join hands in bringing down these illitrates that does not know what is good for the betterment of this country.

  3. Reply

    why dont dey allow God to fight for himself, or is their God deaf or dumb to see if hes been disturbed by other religions.
    thats no excuse for wasting people’s life, i don’t blame him, if not for the dummy president we have,, i trust if it were obasanjo, he would have wasted the basterds, but any way, the christians to are ready.
    BOKOHARAM………expect the UNEXPECTED”””””””””””””””””””””””

    • Sharmila Reply

      we will never know what happened. boko haram trsated in 1995. a movement against western influence which was percieved by them to be a corrupting force that resulted in poverty and injustice.For them to have survived and spread so far they had supporters and financiers. These guys even visited afghanistan and algeria. Maybe they morphed into something violent along the line… I believe those that followed him needed something to justfy the madness around them… there is a vacuum in this country waiting to be filled by all sorts

  4. Joannies Reply

    When you refer to the god you worship, do not forget to use a small letter ‘g’ for this god you serve, that does not see, nor hear, nor speak.

    You guys are nothing but a bunch of puns that the devil uses, when you get to HELL, send word to your so called sect that indeed HELL is real, because that is where you are all heading to. There is no point in beating about the bush. HE WHO KILLS BY THE SWORD OR WEAPON SHALL ALSO DIE By it. That is what my bible says.
    The Jehovah God that we Christians, Bible Believing Followers of Christ Serve is a MERCIFY, LOVING, COMPASSIONATE, FAITHFUL, SUPERNATURAL, OMNIPOTENT, POWERFUL and ALMIGTHY GOD. Take it anywhere, ALLAH – (Who is HE), cannot get close to ELSHADDAI GOD, your ALLAH, is not existence but in the minds of the decievers and concorted to blind you all.
    There is no OTHER NAME but the NAME OF JESUS, the SON of the MOST High GOD that should be worshipped. EVEN your QURAN refers to JESUS.

    YOU better watch out BOKO HARAM followers, Watch out, Abubarka, & Watch out muslims, enough is enough, OUR JEHOVAH GOD will arise and all YOU HIS enemies that do not believe in HIM will be scattered.
    When GOD sent Jesus into this world in John 3:17, HE did not send him to come and KILL or destroy people, but rather He sent HIS SON JESUS, NOT TO CONDEM THE WORLD BUT SO THAT THE WORLD THROUGH HIM MIGHT BE SAVED.

    YOUR ALLAH, sent you BOKO HARAM folks to kill and destroy people, haven’t you realized that that is the credential of the DEVIL that you serve??????? For the BIBLE says that the DEVIL comes to STEAL, KILL and DESTROY, BUT JESUS(GOD) Came to give LIFE and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY. Our God is a LOVING GOD.


    GO BACK TO THE BOOK OF GENESIS AND READ THE STORY OF THE WORLD THAT existed before God Destroyed the entire EARTH and preserve the lives of NOAH and His family ONLY. GOD can do it again and WIPE YOU ALL OUT if HE so wish, but the GOD that I serve, The ALMIGHTLY GOD, THE ANCIENT OF DAYS, THE I AM THAT I AM, is indeed a Merciful GOD.

    Where was your ALLAH, When GOD created the WORLD, Alla did not exist at all. If he did he was killed with the rest of the people that God destroyed in the FLOOD. NOAH’s generation started a NEW LINE, and ALLAH was not part of the picture.


  5. Joannies Reply

    Since the DAYS OF JOHN THE BAPTIST UNTIL NOW, THE KINGDOM OF GOD SUFFERETH VIOLENCE AND THE VIOLENT TAKE IT BY FORCE. WE christians are taking it by force now. For the weapon of our warfare are not CARNAL (like the likes of BOKO HARAM), but are Mighty through the ALMIGHTY GOD through the breaking down of STRONGHOLDS. BOKO HARAM is a STRONGHOLD in NIGERIA and across the world.

    NIGERIANS, RISE UP, both Prayerfully and physically, for the LORD GOD SAYS, Vengeance is MINE, Says The LORD… ALMIGHTY GOD WILL FIGHT FOR US.

    IF My People, that are called by MY NAME, shall HUMBLE themselves and PRAY, and Seek my Face, and Turn from thier wicked ways, says the Lord, then I will hear from HEAVEN and I will FORGIVE thier SINS and I will heal thier LAND.(2 Chronicles 7:14)


    NO WEAPON of the Enemy that is FORMED or FASHIONED against us shall PROSPER in JESUS NAME AMEN.


    NIgerians, this is the time to call upon the Almighty GOD for the Nation. Enough is Enough, Enough of greed, 419 scams, BOKO HARAM, Jihad, Oil Subsidy, Police brutality, lawlessness, selfishness, money laundering, Rape, Kidnapping, Canibalism, Juju, Innocent killing, false justice, election rigging, armed robbery, and the likes of them

  6. John Okafor Reply

    I never kno we still av some fools in Nigeria like dis mr Joannies……..
    How can be refering to the GOD d muslims serve as a DEVIL…….
    I bet U never read ur Bible well.
    The truth had bn revealed all dis while dat dis foolish Boko-Harams wre only hiding under Islam………….they are Political thugs bn used in d 1999 election bt later abandoned by dre Political fathers………..Pls, letz try nd kno all things behind issues like dis b4 commenting.
    Muslims are gud nd trustworthy as I kno…………….GOD bless Nigeria…!!!

    • igbokwenui Reply

      john okafor,i’m sure your name is malam mugu mahamed,and u’r fool like your leader and your god.fiju raputa!

  7. ade agbaje Reply

    Pls let try not to be abusive I know dat our God shall fight for us
    We a all one

  8. Bj Reply

    @ okafor,help me tell jonnas dat ALLAH is an arabic word meaning GOD.islam does not encorage killing bt u can defend urself.pls Go ask Jerry gana,obj and Gej,then u will kno who d real BH.muslims were killed more than xtians in 9ja.maiduguri,yobe,jos etc.Read ur bible very well and tell me were d followers of prophet isa(AS) are called xtians.Remember i attended a sch wit a Rev Father as a principle.thnx

    • igbokwenui Reply

      @bj you surpose to know by now that islam is a failure because is devlish.but the Holy Bibile is the word of the Living GOD THE Father of our LordJesusChrist,who gave his life on the cros of calvary for sake of the whole world,your islamic boko haram were included.

    • Eri Reply

      i don’t believe the eencutioxs were a cover-up but rather the work of irate policemen over the death of their colleagues (the burnt police stations). if you look at the comments on youtube (about the video) and some comments in the general news media, there are a considerable number of people who say that since the man (and his group) killed hundreds of people without trial, he also should be killed the same way. some others also who do not believe in the nigerian judicial system say the guy would have been set free if taken to court. i see the police execution as the police officers having the same sentiment (sadly)

  9. Dave Reply

    Can u imagine dat boko haram man talking as if Nigeria is a dog pound? If u want sharia stay in ur house and implement it there, k? U cant force ur views on a whole nation.

  10. legend Reply

    we shall know who is who on the judgement day. My fellow bretheren lets be watchful and prayerful but all i know is that Jesus is the way……

  11. L' or criblle Reply

    As 4 Nig. 2day, it has no avarage man’s affire.Majority chose 2 b GOOD servants but BAD masters just LIKE
    That serve well under control but destroy when…….
    But NIGERIANS,does the owner of a LAND own it 2 d CORE? Who owns d money deposited in a BANK,d depositor,d bank manager, d share holders or d loan bearer?

  12. Christian Okeke Reply

    Mr. or Mrs. Joannies… What you practice is just religion, but little godliness… In all your quotes, you forgot that ‘WE DO NOT BATTLE AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD…’ … You also forgot… ‘THE LORD SHALL FIGHT FOR ME, AND I SHALL HOLD MY PEACE’… Throughout your speech, I could feel the venom and anger in your tone, trying to incite ‘Christians’ to war, and I must tell you, you’re no better than the Boko Haram leader-that’s what he does… I don’t know how many times I’ll say it, but I’ll still say it… God, Yahweh, Chineke, Allah, and many other names I don’t know about. If you believe in God, what makes you feel that the other person doesn’t? For your information, you’re not a Christian because you were born into it, or because Jesus loves you… It’s because you believe in Jesus, who’s the way, the truth, and the life! You want to lift up arms and go into the battlefield, because you’re afraid to die! Probably, you still wallow in the mire of sin… Our own Bible also says… Blessed are the peacemakers… Mr. or Mrs. Joannies … Don’t

    • igbokwenui Reply

      @christain okeke,blessed are does tha are born in chritain families.are u sure that you are a believing christain?our God is never been compered with idol gods,our GOD is a jalouse GOD!

    • Olivier Reply

      Thanks for the plug to Grandiose Parlor. The Boko Horam uprising is not the apticyl Islamist radical vs. Christian duel. The attack was focused more on the state, the police, and the way of life in the north that they found contradictory to the Sharia. They wanted to change the ‘system’. This is treason, the first of its kind in recent time. It worries me. It is worrisome that the security apparatus fell asleep and not proactive.It is worrisome that an alleged financier, a former commissioner in Borno state, was executed in the same manner Mohammed Yusuf was, by the police.What is also worrisome is the fact that indiscriminate police actions have made the Nigerian army look like ‘saints’ in their handling of the crisis. Boko Haram + Niger Delta + increasing armed robbery + stalled economy + clogged bureaucracy driven by bloated and impotent political structure, and you get a picture of an emerging failed state. Under this kind of situation, anything can happen. I hope I’m wrong and just over reacting. I hope at the end, the obvious calamity that has been starring Nigeria in the eye will make a miracle u-turn, and all will become well. I really hope so.

  13. Heyjeemah Reply

    NO MUSLIM IS TERRORISTS IN THIS WORLD…Any1 who does Terrorisn should not be considered as Muslim. ISLAM says “any1 who saved a single life, saved humanity and anyone who killed somebdy, killed humanity” Try to read ISLAM in its True Spirit stop spreading hate nd propaganda against this True and Greatest Religion ISLAM

  14. Ann Reply

    I still can’t understand why some people find pleasure in the destruction of Human lives,Lives they didn’t contribute even a single hair during Creation. God can not send a Man like u that has soiled his hands with innocent blood to deliver his Message to people,I don’t care if u r a Muslim,a Christian or a Pagan we must all come together to fight this Common Thief and Destroyer Boko Haram. Its high time we realised that their aim and plan is to tear dis country,if our President is to Pre-occupied to handle them,then we all should kneel(Christians)put our heads to the ground(Muslims)stand aloft(Pagan) and call on our Merciful God to fight this Battle for us.

  15. Steflondon Reply

    Pls my rev.brodas and sistas and all muslim brodas and sistas we are nt here to fight each oda bt to rebuke and destroy d so called boko haram by praying to our GOD and i believe he will answer our prayer….cos he said ask and it shall be given unto to you,knock and d door shall b open,seek and you shall see…so let us pray dat d GOD almighty should come and rescue us all……

  16. mintah Reply

    My fellow Nigerians, dont you think this is what the boko Haram wants? For muslims and christians to be fighting against each other ? We should not give them the attention they want from us. What we should be doing is to pray to our God(Allah and Jehovah) to fight for us. Vengeance is of God so lets leave the fight for God to fight for us. We should not fight each other but rather come together as one and fight against Boko Haram

  17. seanj Reply

    I think this boko haram leader needs Gods handling …i don’t believe they are Muslims because i have a lot of Muslim brethren around me and they don’t think in such a psychiatric manner …i believe this guys are just mad and are agents of the devil…God and Allah are same thing ,it just the name accorded to our creator in both religions so don’t get yourself deceived that you were sent by allah ..rather you were sent by the devil..i don’t pray for your death because i want you to repent and see the glory of almighty God in your lives and to my fellow xtains lets pray for Gods protection and the blood of his only begotten son guide us and protect us all the days of our lives .Amen.

    • igbokwenui Reply

      @SEANJ,the christains worship the Allmighty God,Who sent his only begotten son Jesuschrist to die for the sake of the world,our GOD is peace.allah is the god of islam,he sent his son to the world to kill childrain, women,and to bisturb peace in the world.count your tooth with your tongue seanj.

  18. MyNameNaUrPapa Reply

    Nigeria shld have had a record of all d criminals n dn match their face wit dt nincompoop in display. That might hv helped in tracking d mentally debased.

  19. Sydney Reply

    Am highly shocked by d level of stupidity in dis criminals,who told dey can convert souls to Allah by bombing and firing d same people dey wish to convert.our God is a consuming fire,always patient but never sleeps boko haram repent or b consumed by His anger….Sydney

  20. Ahmed Adam Reply

    Mr. Money U r Sutpid

  21. Mesene, Sagamu Reply

    Almighty God will save Nigeria. Thanks to all those that comments on how peace can reign in this country. And to those that comments on the Muslims and Christians to see each other in this country as brothers and sisters. Also may trouble be on those that comments on how trouble should exist in this country.

  22. Elijah lazarus lazarus Reply

    Nigeria as a country needs to be delievered from corruption .It has underdeveloped Nigeria and cause serious pain to the nation.we christians most continue to pray ,envangelise more,not forgetting to pray for nigeria,for God to give us the right leader that will help take the nation to its place.

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