Nigeria: Federal Government, Labour Meeting Deadlocked

A meeting, held this evening, between representatives of the Federal Government and labour leaders on the ongoing nationwide strike has just ended at the presidential villa without any resolution.

The meeting turned out to be an occasion to trade blames.

While the federal government’s delegation accused labour of providing the platform for violence across the country and insisted that it denounces those perpetrating violence and call off the strike to create room for negotiation, the organised labour held to its stand that if government fails to revert to N65 per litre pump price of petrol, the protests and strike would continue nationwide.

Jonathan agreed to reduce fuel price to 120 naira, which the labour leaders declined as they stuck to their positions.

Esele and Omar, who spoke for labour denounced the acts of perpetrators of violence which had been recorded across the country.

In his submission, the SGF called the attention of the committee to the violence and destruction that took place in Minna, the Niger State capital yesterday and accused labour of providing the platform for politicians and hoodlums to perpetrate violence and crime.

However, both parties have agreed to reconvene Saturday.

  1. Patrick williams Reply

    I agree with gov’t concerning subsidy removal because of the long term benefit but the timing was very wronge. It shows insensitivity in the part of the gov’t towards the visible challenges of his people. Removing subsidy on jan.1 actually was wickedness.

    • hassan de-clone Reply

      nothin like longterm, subsidy has never existed

  2. Patrick williams Reply

    We are Nigerians, and we know that less than 30% of nigerians are comfortable financially on january. So removing subsidy on january was a direct indication that gov’t does not care about the wellbeing of his people and that is very sad.

  3. Patrick williams Reply

    All i bargained for is for the FG to adjust for the common men to arrange themselve otherwise it will be very very difficult. Patrick williams (unical).

  4. shanu Reply

    Since the government have good intention for the country and have reasoned enough to reduce the price to one hundred and twenty Naira, it will be wise for the the citizen of this country to accept and suspend the ongoing strike because it appears that those who hate this government are engineering the protest which has turn into violence in most states.The NLC and the TUC have tried and should deceased from being use by enemies of progress.

  5. Charles Mary Reply

    Let’s all join hands and Pray the Rosary, that Our Lady Queen of Nigeria will remedy the ugly situation in our country now. Bishops, parish priests and chaplains should organise rosary processions in their dioceses, their parishes and their chaplaincies. This will infallibly remedy the situation.

  6. Sule Sarki Reply

    Nigeria president has fail us, dis is d worse administration i have ever see, if i may ask wt is democracy, my d content of democracy it engulf by freedom of speach, peoples choice, people said no. fuel subsidy removal but dey insist y.

  7. hassan Reply

    GEJ is heartless, after stealing n squandering nigeriaz money, now he wants d masses 2 pay 4 his mistakes. Where was longterm plan wen u were hosting nija@50, 2011 electn n d rest of unneccesary spendins. After 3 percent increase on banks lending rate, increase in NEPA bills, drivers licence, vehicle plate number… now u want 2 increase d fuel price. As i earlier said, GEJ is heartless

  8. Nkechi glory Reply

    I am saying dat wot d FG is doing is gud cos i kno he has good intention for nigerians he is a human being it pains him d way it pains us, is nt easy for him but let us unstand him and give him chance others failed us i dnt think he will also, labour is unda government d shud obey d govt and go back to work, d shud stop dis strike afta all dis suffering things will get better, those who a suponsoring dis protest is those who dont want d progress of nigeria bcos d kno d benefits frm it dis time around it will nt wrk for them it has alrdy being sign by heaven.

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