Nigeria: Group Wants Resignation Of Vice President, Other ‘Chop Chop’ Northern Leaders

A message jointly issued by the Supreme Commander of the Masses Agenda Group of Northern Nigeria (MAGONN) Sheik A.I.T as are his full initials and a coalition of Northern Groups Leaders.


We believe you share our concern that the attitude of our chop chop northern leaders is responsible for the deep and pervasive poverty and hunger in the North; the widening gap between the rich and poor; the growing unemployment and underemployment; the frequent and escalating cases of inter-ethnic conflicts; the rising crime and politically motivated assassinations; and the growing disillusionment among our people on the future direction of northern Nigeria in particular and Nigeria as a whole. Certainly, it is a sad commentary that the north is still wallowing in a cesspit of a debilitating, abject poverty and genuine suffering inspite of its record of having occupied the presidency for far longer period of time than the south.

Several of our northern leaders have turned violence into a pastime sponsoring mass killings and destruction as strategies of political action. Not minding that all the States in the north are riddled with deprivations, hardships, stagnation and lack of progress, these leaders are daily creating avenues for wanton destruction of human life and property through ethnic contrivances and religious misinterpretations to suit their subjective and nefarious designs. Indeed what constitute political leadership of the north now is a brigade of dishonest political elite who care only for their political survival and have quamlessly dumped Arewa and the interest of its peoples.

But how long shall we continue to live in a society riddled with deprivations, hardships, exploitation, oppression, dashed hopes and unrealized expectations for the common man; and wealth, privileges, and super profits for a tiny consumer-oriented ruling elite? Indeed we need a new social order in northern Nigeria in which there will be equality, liberty, and freedom from want, social justice, and respect for the dignity of every human person.
Now that it has become very clear that some recurring vices in this our region would never go away we are set to carryout a revolution to get northern leaders sincerely committed with the war on corruption, addressing our region’s parlous security situation and lack of food security, tackling our comatose education sector and our decaying infrastructure etc. Undoubtedly, it is only a transparent and accountable leadership that will be able to address these issues otherwise northerners will continue to be poor and the region will not contribute in meeting our country’s target of being one of the 20 global economies by 2020.

We remind ourselves that in a democracy the masses are the sovereign and they decide who rules, who gets out of office, and what policies government should pursue. This is what democracy is all about. The masses constitute the KING, the ruler is a SERVANT and the King reigns only with the consent of the masses; hence this decision by the northern masses to fight against our leaders perceived insensitivity to the plight of the suffering masses. The Masses Agenda Group of Northern Nigeria (MAGONN) has put up a huge mobilization of northerners who have come together and are resolute to participate in a designated week-long ten million man march at this crucial time in order to alert everyone concerned of our Northern Nigeria masses agenda and demand the end of the leadership of some so-called northern leaders past and present.

We have identified northern leaders well known to revel in hypocrisy; lies and deceit that would be made to understand in no unclear terms that they have to cease parading themselves as leaders of the region. Within 48 hours of the start of the one week long northern masses 10 million man march the following people must resign or face the wrath of the masses.

The list includes; nine (9) governors and their deputies, i.e three (3) per each of the three zones (north-west, north-east and north-central) of the north; twelve (12) cabinet ministers, i.e three (4) per each of the three zones; sixteen (16) serving senators, i.e five (5) senators per each of the three zones plus one in the FCT and about forty (40) House members, i.e five (2) members of the House of Representatives from each of the 19 northern States and two in the FCT. The details are as per the attached list. Ultimately this march will degenerate into a full scale resistance with a no retreat, no surrender spirit against any affected person(s) for our peoples’ sake if our call is not heeded. This revolution is aimed at producing true northern leaders and the re-engineering of the overall development of northern Nigeria. A roll call of notable names regarded as northern political leaders is included in this black-list and all individuals named are banned and ostracized from future engagements in providing political leadership to the north.

All the necessary arrangements to hold this revolution to achieve a cure and correct the current trend that encourages crass political jobbers who have defaced our pride with their activities that only manifest into a malady has been concluded. To make this resolve in our hearts to execute the northern masses ten million man march, we have considered the grandmothers in our villages who go to bed hungry every night, the babies dying in our general hospitals everyday for lack of post-natal care, the children unable to attend school because their parents cannot afford to send them to school. We are united in this common cause, because of what we gain when we do come together. When we come together Nurses in our hospitals win; – When we come together, children win; – When we come together, school teachers win; – When we come together, farmers win; – When we come together, drivers win; – When we come together, the poor and the neglected win; – When we come together, the old, the sick and the disabled win; – And when we come together, no amount of intimidation can ever defeat us.

With the visible presence of youths, women, children and senior citizens, the northern masses ten million man march would witness a spontaneous convergence of people on a central location in Abuja via the three entrance routes into the capital city i.e a trio procession from Masaka, Zuba and the Airport Junction. The march continues to Kaduna after the Abuja show and is slated to begin on any day we deem fit from today. Any repression of this well-intended march by anyone in authority is therefore unnecessary as every individual has the right to express and disseminate his opinion within the law. The northern masses ten million man march project is not being used as a tool to fight political battles by any of the region’s political bigwigs but it is an auspicious event for northerners who have love of the region in their hearts to sonorously and uproariously pass a message to the leadership stating the factors at the core of the crises of governance which has hindered the development of a viable democracy, rule of law and poverty eradication in northern Nigeria. These demonstrations have been carefully and well organized. They will be separately conducted but systematic and in the end must be successful for our peoples’ sake.

Another major concern we have considered before agreeing on the staging of this revolutionary march is the recurring bomb blasts and attacks by the Boko Haram group which has defied the efforts of the police and other law-enforcement agencies geared toward detecting and apprehending criminals while protecting citizens and business from violence and other criminal acts. Indeed the activities of the group especially in recent times, has overwhelmed the entire system especially with the flimsy commitment to the security of life and property by the leadership in the region.
One case in point is the reluctance to expose the persons who the sect’s members have alleged to have been conspirators in the killing of their leader Mohammed Yusuf, after he was arrested by soldiers who handed him over to the Police at the 21 Armoured Brigade in Maiduguri. Furthermore, shielding those who it was alleged were part and parcel of the group and sponsored their activities but later betrayed them and joined forces to identify the arrowheads of the group for persecution by law enforcement agencies has not helped matters. Another worrisome scenario pertain to the refusal of northern leadership to release the full report of the judicial commission of inquiry established to look into the Boko Haram crises by late President Umaru Yar’adua in 2009. The N100 million awarded by the court to the group as compensation for the injustice against them ought not to be subjected to negotiation and should be paid by the government immediately. This would stem further aggravation of the crises.

It is intriguingly annoying that without taking time out to ensure the foregoing requirements are met with, the government opted to send in the Joint Task Force and the consequences of this action is that on a daily basis innocent casualties are recorded as a result of the military onslaught on the sect. Of course, this has tended to encourage more support for the sect as relatives or even friends of the slain non members of this sect are now out seeking to get revenge and this is only intensifying the crises. Common sense leads us all to the logical conclusion that the loss of more human lives could still be in the offing as a result. Apart from this being a security challenge it is fast degenerating into a serious threat to our co-existence as a nation. Certainly, society cannot afford to continue to watch the situation without some positive action. The truth has long been established that this violence is not the concern of any one religion against another and the indices are there for all to attest that this whole thing came about because of the total decay in the system. Nigerians are not deceived with the sing-song propaganda that the Boko Haram is waging a battle against the western culture. The group is simply holding forth against a system that refuses to guarantee every Nigerian social justice whether he/she is a Muslim or Christian. It is the revenge of the poor masses having been completely alienated from governance. This is the reason for the Boko Haram and other loose canon groups like the MEND, OPC and the MASSOB.

There is no way success would be achieved in the war against the terrorist attacks if our leadership continues to tell Nigerians that the Boko Haram is a sectional philosophy. The sectional sentiments that were raised against the Niger Delta Militants a few years ago where intended to divide the people and ensure Nigerians from the other regions do not believe that the struggle had the central purpose of emancipation for the people but they failed in manipulating and foisting a deceitful propaganda on the masses of this country. This style only breeds disunity and tribalism and remains a symbol of persecution, dominance, exploitation and brutality. This leadership survival by deception is retrogressive because we are in the age of resolution and diplomacy in tackling domestic uprisings in order to keep Nigeria united. It was perfectly utilized in resolving the militancy activities in the Niger Delta.

Sadly enough, northern Nigeria’s leadership over the years has operated things up side down, from left to right, from known to nowhere, from bad to worse. A society where the cumulative security of an individual matters more than a dying citizen, a region where evil in its entirety is celebrated, a region where nothing is considered repugnant to natural justice except in the books, a region where the quest to conquer hunger and diseases is never considered a priority, a region that its system is stale. Even though we are witnessing an era where huge tax payers money go down the drain due to corruption, failed projects and policies leaving the citizenry in abject poverty and hunger, we are now being inundated with removal of fuel subsidy and the re-introduction of toll gates. We say noooooo even though our northern leadership has concord but they have failed because these are no go areas. Since fuel subsidy has been removed these leaders have met their waterloo for sounding the war drums with their own hands. The MASSES AGENDA GROUP OF NORTHERN NIGERIA and its partners has vowed that henceforth any ideas which cannot not guarantee and help actualize a raised standard of living for the masses of this country would be vehemently resisted and rejected. Every northerner, irrespective of political inclination or tribe; Christian or Muslim or Pagan; is called upon to identify with the MAGONN so that together we can achieve:
A northern Nigeria where every citizen will strive always to protect the socio-economic security of the greatest number; a northern Nigeria where every citizen will have durable job options; a northern Nigeria that is self-employed; a northern Nigeria where every citizen is a Nigerian first and a Nigerian last; a northern Nigeria where every citizen turns a watchdog over another towards the protection of the State, treasury and infrastructure; a northern Nigeria where ideas are allowed to bud and berth; a northern Nigeria where corporate responsibility and support to the weak is encouraged; a northern Nigeria where our civic responsibility is sacrosanct and the vote counts.

True northerners like Balarabe Musa, Dangiwa Umar and Mohammadu Buhari have done their best for our region. The likes of late Sardaunan Sokoto, late Mahmoud Ribadu, and late Aminu Kano, late Joseph Tarka, late Ibrahim Imam, and late Zannah Dipcharima all did their level best for the northern region. When the call came to get involved in all kinds of struggle on behalf of all of us, they answered severally, and have done much to encourage the rest of us.

It is trite to salute the northern Nigerian masses for their enthusiasm expressed in the first bulletin (to northern Nigerian students) issued on October 1st 2011 (Independence Day). A total of twelve million, three hundred and eleven thousand (12,311,000) confirmed expressions of interest to actively participate in the march and one hundred and seventy-seven thousand seven hundred and seventy-five (177,175) enquiries was received in the first seven (7) days of the bulletin’s release. The Second bulletin (to organizations) issued on 23rd November 2011 was similarly greeted with a strong devotion and the responses have proved that those with the courage to lead the masses in this mission will find themselves with companions in every corner of Nigeria. Over two hundred and sixty-one (261) groups including civil society organizations, human rights groups, political parties, tribal unions, trade unions, literary associations, professional associations, religious groups, social clubs and women organizations have expressed the determination to fully mobilize their memberships & personnel to join forces in holding the northern Nigeria ten million man march for the ultimate goal of the survival and development of the north. Thank you for your time and please join in SPREADING THE MESSAGE. Non-northerners should kindly assist in photocopying at least twenty copies of this message and pass on to northerners known to them.
Thanks a million.

Sheik A. I. T. – (De Veteran) Comrade N. O. A. – (De Ecomog)
Supreme Commander of the MAGONN President General
Northern Masses Empire, Durumi Village Coalition of Northern Groups Leaders
Abuja-F.C.T Kachia Camp, Abuja Road, Kaduna

Tel: +2347098214791, e-mail:

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