Police In Ghana Seize Arms Heading For Nigeria – AFP

Ghanaian security agents on Tuesday seized a truckload of arms and ammunition believed to be on its way to Nigeria and arrested five people, a senior police officer in Accra said yesterday.

“The vehicle with Coca Cola inscription was loaded with the consignment which included pump action guns, double-barrel guns and a large quantity of cartridges,” Accra Regional Police Commander Rose Bio Atinga told Agence France Presse (AFP.)

Police, acting on a tip-off, arrested two Nigerians and three Ghanaians.

“After a check was conducted, we realised that the vehicle with a (Nigerian) registration number, was loaded with ammunition covered by a metal plate,” said Atinga.

“Upon interrogation, the suspects confessed that the consignment was on its way to Nigeria,” she said.

  1. Mike Reply

    I really appreciate the fact that the ghana police force is working hard compared to that of Nigeria collecting 20 naira on the road side. Let the evil plan of the enemies keep on being revealled since they dont want this country nigeria to move forward.

  2. Joannies Reply

    This is great news and kudos to what you have just discovered. Thank you for saving some innocent lives from being killed with those ammunitions. Keep up the good work.
    I pray that the Nigerian Police force will act the same way as yours. Greed is the number one voice Nigerian Police will heed to before they hear the cry for help from innocent citizens.

  3. legend Reply

    hmmmm thanks to ghanian police, we have always known you as a symbol of purity. Pls keep it up….bravo

  4. richard Reply

    Gudos to d ghana police tnks for proving dat u re indeed a security force dat tolerate no nonsense for no body and for saving nigeria. God bless u.

  5. Omonedo Taiwo Reply

    I realy appreciate Ghana police for their effort on this..Keep it up and don’t be like Nigeria police more grease to ur elbow.

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