VIDEO: Occupy Nigeria – Washington DC Protest

Nigerians in Washington DC have joined others on the continent to echo the voice of the masses in demanding that the federal government revert the removal of the oil subsidy. This is a video summary of the protest that took place in front of the World Bank.

  1. Adejoke Adepegba Ogungbola Reply

    Jonathan is feelin threatened by Pastor Tunde Bakare’s crowding. He (JEG) knows God is behind dat crown. His Pharaohtic stubborness wl lead him to Pharaohtic end

  2. Britt Delacueva Reply

    I imagine this is some form of evolution trait to determine what type of person someone is. Whether they are out to get remorse, if they are different, a foe and dangerous. Most people would need to know how to deal to them.

  3. funny gifs Reply

    Understanding to the the basis of a difficult situation begins with looking for the the premise. That could seem confusing but many problems exist from the premise, not the conclusion.

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