Nigerian Govt. Temporarily Agrees To N65, Labour Insists Strike Continues

The Nigerian government has agreed to temporarily revert the removal of fuel subsidy, bringing the price of petrol back to N65 per litre if labor chooses one of two conditions.

At a meeting attended by President Goodluck Jonathan, organized labor, the leadership of the Senate and the representatives of state governors, labor was given two options for the reinstatement of the N65.

The first option is temporarily bringing price back to N65 if labor agrees that the subsidy will be completely removed starting April first.
The second option is to allow the N65 selling price of petrol until March before withdrawing 80% of the subsidy, which would bring the price to N120 if the current price regime remains in force.

So far, the labor force has not agreed to either of the options, insisting that strike must continue. All the parties would however meet again on Saturday when labour is expected to make up its mind on the options put before it.

Meanwhile, the labour movement and its civil society allies continued their mass protests across the federation to mark the fourth day of the strike which has grounded commercial and social activities.

  1. Garba Abubakar Dule Reply

    Labour please never let your people down, there should’nt be any negotiations, it either N65 P/L or no show, all the govt promises are untrue, nothing good will come out of it, Nigerian populace is solidly behind you, Aluta Continua!

  2. Adesanya azeez Reply

    We no go gree.dat wont happen

  3. Oluvic ogunlola Reply

    Labour, u must make them know dt if dey are removing the subsidy by april, they must av put in place the basic things for nigerians.oluvictor

  4. farouk Reply

    This impossible nigerian ppll will never agree to any condition.our government is not to be trusted,they will never keep to there words,so we do not agree to their conditions is either 65 or no goin back.

  5. sam Reply

    if they insist on removing the subsidy by april, then they shd increase the minimum wage to 52,000 and never forget to bring the CABALS to book

  6. Suraju A. Reply

    Please labour leader non of the above is the right answer.nigerians are solidly behind u.ALUTA CONTINUA,VICTORA ACERTA

  7. Eniola olotimehin Reply

    Labour,pls dont disappoint d ppl our nation,our nation depends on u an GOD.we no go gree.

  8. Osunpaimo adeyemi Reply

    Yellow,mr president,thank you for your leading,starting from vice president to president.Remeber that this position you find your self just for a while,mr president ,for God sake don’t let anybody use you as devil tools for this country,please for sake don’t remove subsidy from fuel,you can found another way to help us in this country.Remeber the people that not born with silver spoon.

  9. Harjurke Reply

    9jrians are not smylin Mr President nd his initiatives, is dis democrazy or crazydemo? we dnt want badluck anymur. D situatn is becomin mur ridiculus everyday, our leaders are d ones inflictin suferins on masses. While their family has bin taken out of d country, remember ‘wat U sow is wat U reap’ . Eyin nu olohun nu, we no go gree let solidarity reign for a peaceful country.

  10. Percy Reply

    Hausas are fools ,cant u open ur eyes nd see d future.jonathan is doing sometin good nd all u guys do is 2 critizize him.

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