Ghana: We Have Made A Lot Of Progress – President Mills

President John Evans Atta Mills says his administration has performed creditably well, saying he deserves another term in office. He said this in response to a question on why he should be re-elected as leader of the country.

Speaking during his third encounter with the media at the Castle in Accra, he said: “We have made a lot of progress. Ghanaians could testify to the many improvements made in the various sectors of the economy.”

Stating his achievements, President Mills said his government had improved the lot of Ghanaians, maintained peace and stability, enhanced economic growth, improved the country’s infrastructural base, and utilised national resources in a judicious manner.

“The gains are visible. Ghanaians can see what they enjoyed under the eight years of the previous government, and what they are enjoying under the three years of my government.”

“We have not done everything, but Ghanaians have seen what we have done and what we are capable of doing.”

He addressed a wide range of issues raised by the scores of senior journalists and editors at the interactive session, and thanked Ghanaians for the support and cooperation, and their willingness to sacrifice a little more for their motherland.

Speaking on his government’s performance in 2011, he called it an “Action Year”. He said it was a year the nation recorded the highest level of economic growth in its history, while inflation was maintained at a single digit coupled with the massive infrastructure development undertaken in the regions.

In addition, he said the government was able to raise the national electricity accessibility level from 54% to 73%, while hundreds of school structures have been built to replace schools held under trees.

Responding to a question on the botched STX housing project, President Mills admitted that there had been challenges with the project, mainly from the disagreements between the private investors.

He, however, noted that because the nation could not wait to have a housing project of such magnitude delayed due to board room wranglings, the government was “looking for alternatives.”

He gave the assurance that the government would soon announce a new plan for the national affordable housing project.

President Mills also added that the construction of major roads making up the eastern corridor which are vital for enhancing transportation link between the southern and northern parts of Ghana, had begun in earnest in a number of areas.

Speaking on the removal of subsidy on fuel which has led to increase in prices of petroleum products, President Mills said it was the most difficult decisions he had to take in the year.

He said it was not an easy decision since his government was aware of the impact the hike in fuel prices had on the citizenry, adding that they had no option since the cost build up on the government due to the subsidy had become a burden and was depriving other sectors of the economy of the needed resources.

The President appealed to Ghanaians to bear with the government in that regard, and prayed for better times.

The economy of Ghana was listed as the world’s fastest growing economy in 2011 in economic research led by Economy Watch with data coming from the IMF’s tracker of GDP Growth in constant prices in the national currency, with an economic growth predicted to be about 20% in the year. Other countries have competing claims to be the fastest growing economy.

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