Nigeria: Fed. Govt / Labour Meeting, Government Still Adamant

Representatives of Organised Labour and the Federal Government held another meeting today in Abuja, the nation’s capital to continue dialogue over the removal of subsidy on petrol and the reversal of the pump price of fuel to 65 naira per litre.

The meeting ended abruptly because Labour and Government could not reach a compromise, which is N65 per litre.

Speaking to journalists after the meeting, Nigeria Labour Congress President, Abdulwaheed Omar, said they insisted on the reversal of fuel price to N65, but the government did not agree.

According to him, this means the status quo is maintained. The strike continues on Monday but added quickly that PENGASSAN will not be joining the Nationwide Strike.

Present at the meeting were some State Governors, Ministers and the Senate leadership with 18 Labour leaders representing the NLC and the TUC led by Omar Abubakar and Peter Esele.

Details of the meeting will be posted later.


    It is very painful to me as PENGASSAN is yet to join the nationwide strik

  2. Abdulrashid salisu Reply

    What type of govt is this 4 God sake, labour y won‘t u allow PENGASSAN to join d strike!

  3. Adekoya Jaccuss Reply

    I think PENGASSAN should join the protest so that government too can feel what we are feeling. Everything they do is at our expense and they still want us to pay for their crimes. IMPOSSIBLE.

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