Nigeria: NLC, TUC Consider Next Move After Sunday Strike Talks

The Organised Labour unions on Sunday said they were considering their next moves after Sunday talks with President Goodluck Jonathan over the petrol subsidy strike and protests.

According to Nigeria Labour Congress chief, Abdulwahed Omar, “We have come and listened to the president on the issue of removal of fuel subsidy and we are going now to analyse the submission of Mr President and take a decision.”

Omar added that there are a wide range of possibilities whether the strike that has shut down the country would resume as planned on Monday.

Jonathan was expected to address the nation either late Sunday or Monday after the Saturday talk at the presidency, which ended abruptly without both parties reaching a compromise.

However, Senate President David Mark, said earlier Sunday that the government had reached a decision on how to move forward.

Speaking to journalists after a meeting with Jonathan, state governors and lawmakers, Mark assured them that the government had reached a decision on the dispute and would soon announce its position.

Accordinig to him, “I think this is the best meeting we have had.”

“Definitely this night, you will know the decision. A decision is already taken and that decision is what the nation will be waiting for.”

Earlier Sunday, Jonathan met the country’s security chiefs, but no details of the talks were released.

Meanwhile, labour has pledged that once the price increase suspension is announced, it will immediately suspend the strikes, rallies and street protests.

According to labour unions, talks and consultations were on-going before government aborted them by announcing the 120-220 per cent increase in the price of petrol, and it is necessary to return to the status quo in order to douse tension, return the country to normalcy and allow for a conducive atmosphere for consultations and talks. However, Government’s only offer was to reduce the new prices while declining to allow a phased price increase. We think that the government position will not return the country to normalcy.

  1. ABASS A. Reply

    MR. PRESIDENT, you better listen to what labour is telling you and stop killing innocient people. if you dont know, the anouncement of subsidy removal has claimed many lives and properties. we dont know that you’re a predator we should have not vote 4 you and the God that dismises abacha we eradicate you too. you this dajal………..

  2. Onuachu justin chidozie Reply

    I support d removal of fuel subsidy. Nlc strike should cont. Until d fuel price retune 2 d old price

  3. Tunder Ali Reply

    Mr president you are not leading us well you better listen to what labour is telling you and stop this madness that you are doing well we nigerans are not going back on till you agree with the normal price!

  4. ELAHO PAUL Reply

    There is know body dat is above mr president accept your mistake by bringing the country back to normalcy.

  5. Christopher John Dadi Reply

    NLC kudos goes 2 u, jack the daniska (Mr Goodluck) until he accept the 65 naira per litre.

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