Occupy Nigeria: Jonathan Orders Arrest Of Femi Falana, Tunde Bakare, Others – SaharaReporters

In a bid to undermine the growing protest against his government’s removal of fuel subsidy, President Goodluck Jonathan has ordered the SSS to arrest civil rights attorney, Femi Falana, Fiery Lagos pastor, Tunde Bakare, ex-member of house of representatives, Dino Melaye and and Kaduna based activist, Shehu Sanni.

Two sources within the State Security Services told Saharareporters that the security agency had received presidential instructions to move against these four men as well as other perceived organizers of the resistance against the government’s dramatic increase of the price of fuel.

“The presidency has decided that the way to break the protest is to go after those that the government believed to be the brains organizing the #Occupy Nigeria protests, ” said one of the sources.

The protests in the last one week has attracted larger crowds in Lagos, Ibadan, Kano, Kaduna and several other Nigerian cities to show that the masses reject President Jonathan’s policy to impose further suffering on the Nigerian people.

The presidency’s instruction to the SSS is seen as desperate move to forestall a series of massive protests in Kaduna as well well as other northern cities and towns which promises to beat the Lagos crowd.

In addition, the Jonathan administrations has been rattled by swelling crowds that have attended protest rallies in Lagos and other Nigerian cities.

  1. kevin Reply

    This story is FALSE!!! Why do you people always specialize in broadcasting rumours??? Its extremely pathetic that some one matured would just start composing lies to satisfy your selfish interest. I thank God people now know what Sahara reporters stand for–FALSEHOOD AND MISCHEIVOUS NONSENSE, and i will continue to tell my friends, business associates, family and everyone on social network EVERYWHERE that you guys are fake. Stupid retards!!!

  2. Stardust Reply

    d fact dat u don’t lyk SaharaReporters isn’t enuf reason 4 u 2 open d four corners of ur maggot-filled mortuary (dat u cald mouth) 2 abuse dem.
    It’s nobody’s fault dat u cn’t c byond d 4 walls of ur cage dat u cald house n i wud think dat since u don’t kno hw 2 react 2 an item of news, u wud shut dat dung-pit u cald mouth…. incurable imbecile!!

  3. Faniyi wale Reply

    Jonathan must be stupid to have ordered the arrest of Mr Femi Falana,Tunde Bakare and others.When the PDP reject Jonathan during the Yardua sickness days,he forgot that it was people like Falana,soyinka and others that continue to clamour that dis man Goodluck should be appointed as the acting president in the absence of Yardua.They also mount pressure that he should be again appointed the president.Now he’s saying they should be arrested

  4. Faniyi wale Reply

    Jonathan must be making a very big mistake to have ordered the arrest of Mr Femi Falana,Tunde Bakare and others.When the PDP reject Jonathan during the Yardua sickness days,he forgot that it was people like Falana,soyinka and others that continue to clamour that dis man Goodluck should be appointed as the acting president in the absence of Yardua.They also mount pressure that he should be again appointed the president.Now he’s saying they should be arrested

    • Dabi Reply

      I read the last post about his detention. They still haven’t laseered him?Is he that much of a threat, I mean why hold him for so long? Also, I noticed that he is being charged for ‘Sedition’…very convenient charge. Then all of a sudden ‘money laundering. They probably have no evidence to charge him with anything, because if they did, it would have been laseered since… I am wondering if we are under a democracy in naija or still under military rule?This behavior of holding someone in detention for days without a court hearing or access to his attorney is unfair and should be illegal.Also, it is a BIG disappointment that the local media in Nigeria is not reporting this issue. They can’t say that they are unaware of this. Are they afraid? I think they are. They need to release themselves of the fear and somehow create a coalition that gives them a right to report what they should be reporting as long as it is backed up with fact and a reliable source… God help the dude. We should keep him in our prayers.

  5. Henry Reply

    I wish that Mr president Goodlock Jonathan will stand on his ground on fuel subsidy removal for that will help nigerians develop fast. Any body that move against this opinion is a lazy man i called him.

  6. hassan Reply

    GEJ has previously decleared dat he can go 2 any length in achievin his selfish interest, he wouldnt mind arrestin d whole nija peeps. he is out of options n out of ideas.

  7. Yetbabe Reply

    No one is as lazy as u urself. No wonder jonathan is still insisting on fuel subsidy removal, not knowing by good people of Nigeria that, a selfish nigerian like u still exist. Old fool.

    • Nathalie Reply

      It is only in Nigeria that oil companies act with tinupmiy. Even as I write this comment, the BP is still working in the gulf to make things go back to normal after the oil spill experienced last year. They have invested billions in clean up of the environment, restocking of the fauna and flora(the animal and plant life) affected by the oil spill, and are still carrying out research into the long term effect of the spill and find out ways to further reduce it. But in Nigeria, corrupt leaders and oil ministry officials collect money and look the other way after all they are safely ensconced in Abuja and other major cities far away from the disaster zone. That is why the oil companies are having a field day in the country. The people of Koluama may all suffer one type of ailment or the other, it will be of no consequence to the President or Petroleum resources Minister.

    • Sinforoso Reply

      In a way, the prescribed Nigerian Neurosis that you cnioed also known as the the ‘siddon look’ attitude seemed to manifest itself in the general attitude of Nigerian media in the on-going JE saga. What is going on? describes the idea that others have a claim over our actions. The media at home is not merely unwilling to liberate itself from oppression and misery but unwilling to acknowledge they endure it, hence new media. The Internet is a new frontier in the struggle for human rights and it is not only in Nigeria that people feel threatened by it. Worldwide, people are using new media as an enabler but censorship is its Catch 22. Who will want to contribute to a system that does not understand the progression of Duty?Our country must not be stuck in the past and should begin to apply the mistakes of the world for advancement. English is a colorful language but merely speaking it is not enough to lead. Education in The Republic, Caesar and Cleopatra, Works of Nietzsche, Individualism, Morality and Freedom is a must in order to shake PPP. Thank God I have done my duty Horatio Nelson.We demand the immediate and unconditional release of Mr. Jonathan Elendu, or his arraignment before a court of competent jurisdiction, if he is suspected to have contravened any laws of the land.

  8. Yetbabe Reply

    To mr henry

  9. Temi Reply

    The fact that we are in a democratic regime doesnt give anyone a right to insult the president or incite people against him. there are more civilized ways of displayin our grievances. I c the situation as being hi jacked by the opposition to unleash terror on Jonathan’s govt. For Christ’s sake lets give him a chance. These people going after him in the name of speaking for the people might only be seeking relevance in the scheme of things. We must be watchful of such people. Dialogue has always ended a great many disputes

  10. OBJ Reply


  11. fola rotimi Reply

    Goodluck jonathan has forgotten when he was begging for presidency, he is climbing a tree to the leaf about to fall. Those who are close to him should advice him to stop the arrest or there will be a problem he be able to solve except he will be a sacrifice for the nation.

    • Mamadou Reply

      SSS arrests nhotaer online journalist!!!!!!!!! Published by THE PUNCH: Saturday, 1 Nov 2008The State Security Service has reportedly arrested nhotaer United States-based Nigerian, Mr. Emeka Asiwe.Online news medium, saharareporters.com, reports that Asiwe, who runs http://www.huhuonline.com, was arrested at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos as he arrived the country for a burial. According to family members, shortly after his arrest, Asiwe was reportedly flown to the SSS headquarters, Abuja and detained. He has not been allowed access to lawyers or family members.The arrest of the publisher of Huhuonline.com comes on the heels of the weeklong detention of nhotaer US-based journalist, Jonathan Elendu, of elendureports.com. Elendu was released on Wednesday by the SSS after they had failed to sustain charges of sedition against the Michigan-based blogger but the SSS has held on to his international passports and have threatened to re-arrest him if he continues to publish subversive reports against President Umaru Yar’Adua’s administration.MAYBE ELENDU HAS BEEN RELEASED, BUT WE ALL NEED TO CONFIRMATION!!!BLOGGERS BEWARE: YARDUA AND HIS CRIMINAL SSS THUGS HAVE BEEN UNLEASHED ON THE NIGERIAN CITIZENRY; TO TRAMPLIMG ON OUR FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RUGHTS AND FREEDOM OF SPEECH!YARDUA IS NOW HUNTING DOWN VOICES OF DISSENT (BLOGGERS) AS SCAPEGOATS FOR HIS DO-NOTHING, VISIONLESS, HOGWASH “DEMOCRACY” GOVT. THAT HAS FAILED NIGERIANS YET AGAIN. IT’S HALLOWEEN WEEKEND – YARDUA IS NOW WEARING THE UGLY MASKS OF IBB AND ABACHA: THE DARK DAYS OF DRACONIAN RULE ARE BACK AGAIN IN NIGERIA!!!

  12. Mimi Reply

    I wonder when we Nigerians will learn frm our previous mistakes?. Let be patient with our president for the seek of our better tomorrow.

    • Daker Reply

      Somehow, I have a feeling that all these will pass and we will see it for what it is – a storm in a teaucp. Think about it.What if the local media knows what we don’t? What if they know more about this case and have decided that its not worth the ink and paper? Why do we find it difficult to accept that there is some credit to their approach to this matter? Why do we find it difficult to accept that they may be right?Oh, I forget, we are the Enlightened Ones who have Internet access and operate from foreign lands, right?The ‘Siddon Look’ Attitude, as propounded by the late Bola Ige was not a passive acceptance of state tyranny but rather an active engagement of the proponents/practitioners of this tyranny in serious psychological ‘warfare’. It takes a deep understanding of the psyche of the ‘enemy’ to do this.It is different from and more effective than just shouting. Remember the story of the Mother Hawk who sent its children out to hunt for food? Remember what it told the child who brought back a duckling? There are lessons to learn in these stories.What if Jonathan Elendu is released before Friday?

    • Irina Reply

      is true, Jonathan should have mneadded what specific steps the NFF would take to remedy the situation and to account for the money that had been channeled their way. You are right, he could then have turned round to FIFA and told them to not be too hasty, and then worked something out behind the scene. Saving face is very important, inAsia great importance is attached to it.Question is who is the presidential adviser(s) ? Why are they not doing their job properly? Or did Jonathan decide to not consult them in the first instance. Either way, questions are cast upon his decision making and his ability to think things through.He was right to signal that things couldn’t go on as before, but like many things the Nigerian government is involved with, it was mishandled. This mismanagement of issues, is a carry over from Yar’Adua’s days, it seems Jonathan is determined to carry on this tradition.

  13. 9ja@heart Reply

    You should not be suprised that he could order the arrest of those men, if he can unilaterally deploy military to different venues of protest, it is quite clear the extent he can go.

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