Nigeria: JAF, Labour’s Civil Society Partner, Disowns NLC, TUC, Says Mass Action Continues – Premium Times

Labour’s civil society partner, has disowned the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria over today’s suspension of strike and mass rallies to protest government’s sudden cut of petrol subsidy.

Labour had claimed during a press conference this morning that it consulted its civil society allies before deciding to call off the five-day strike.

But in a press statement this afternoon, JAF secretary, Abiodun Aremu, said his organization was not part of the decision to call off the strike when government was yet to revert to N65 a litre.

He commended Nigerians for their resistance and legitimate demands for the total reversal of the price increase and strongly condemned the decision to call off the strike by the leadership of the NLC and TUC, describing it a betrayal of trust.

The statement also said JAF and its allies have resolved to intensify their protests and called on Nigerians to continue with the mass action and not be deterred with the deployment of the military until the price of petrol is reverted to N65 a litre.

Read full text of the statement below.


Monday, January 16th 2012
JAF stands with NIGERIANS on Reversal to N65
1. The Joint Action Front (JAF) – the pro-labour civil society partner of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) in the Labour and Civil Society Coalition (LASCO) and its allies of Nigeria Medical Association Lagos, Nigeria Bar Association Ikeja and Lagos and the various Strike Action Committees dissociate self from the declaration by the President of the NLC and TUC for the suspension of the Strike/Mass Action that commenced on January 9thas a joint initiative of the NLC, TUC and JAF.
2. While we salute Nigerians for their resistance and legitimate demand for TOTAL REVERSAL OF FUEL PRICE FROM THE WICKED IMPOSITION OF N141 to N65, we strongly deplore the suspension of the Strike/Mass Action as endorsed by Presidents of NLC and TUC as a betrayal of this legitimate demand by Nigerians that fuel price must revert to N65 as a condition for negotiation.
3. JAF and its allies are resolved to intensify the struggle for the reversal to N65 and on other fundamental issues, in particular, the reversal of the cruel policy of PRIVATISATION and DEREGULATION. This was demonstrated with the street protest in Lagos today under the banner of JAF that was violently terminated at a point on Ikorodu road by the combined team of armed personnel that were deployed midnight across the country.
4. Also, JAF wishes to inform all our centres across the country to continue with the MASS ACTION of rallies and protests as held today in Ibadan, Kano, Ilorin, Kaduna, Ijebuode Ogun State, Osogbo, and other places we are still compiling the report.
5. JAF urges Nigerians to continue with the MASS ACTION of street and neighbourhood protests and rallies in the various Freedom Squares created across the country since the commencement of the Strike/Mass Action on January 9th 2012.
6. JAF wishes to reiterate its commitment to the needs and aspirations of the Nigerian people. Nigerians should not be discouraged by the abrupt and unwarranted suspension of strike by its Labour partner; neither should the militarisation of the protest centres deter Nigerians in their resolve to rid the polity of this class of looters and profiteers that are responsible for mass poverty, unemployment, social insecurity and untold hardships of the majority of Nigerians.
· Nigerians must be reminded that JAF declared the commencement of the MASS ACTION against the wicked hike in fuel price on January 3rd, 2012 and is committed to rallying Nigerians to defeat this unpopular imposition, and also eensuring a new POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC ORDER that will end the era of Privatisation, Deregulation, looting and exploitation by the corrupt capitalist ruling cabals and ensure that wealth of the country is judiciously applied to benefit the majority working population (formal and informal sectors) and the poor.

JAF Secretary

  1. Amakiri Urch Sparklez Reply

    I tink NLC/TUC were grossly wrong for giving in to FG. We as Nigerians wanted dis fight to be victorious……..not just to revert d price but dat our voice is golden irrespective of who weilds power. The FG already knew dat dere wld be a protest even if it were a 10% increament. They went ovaboard in a ploy to get d price to N97……just @ d price they wanted it be. Who is foolin who??? The led or d leaders????
    Just take a look @d nation…….chaos looms,anarchy in d north……..etc. Am in full support of JAF,NBA,d civil societies,n all oda well meaning Nigerians. ASSU’s on strike…….i support students dat r likeminded(lyk me) to support diz cause. Its our Right. Our Golden voice must be upheld…….we r d Nation!
    Long live d FRN

  2. Adeogun Emmanuel Reply

    It is very pathetic that the most blessed country in the world is not developing due to the corruption of its’ leaders. Am in full support of JAF and I pray GOD gives us victory against this corrupt cabal in government.Amen.

  3. Tai Thomas Reply

    Who is dis naija cabal

  4. Folasade Reply

    God bles JAF.ko ni re yin,gbogbo wa wil fight 2geda and God wil giv us victory.

  5. Mayowa owolabi Reply

    JAF!continue,Nigeria ko ni baje o.

  6. Adekunle Reply

    I’m cryin within myself for those that were killed during the strike means they just died for nothing and we fought for nothing. I knew it from the 1st day that the NLC President will succum after he is been bribed. Great Nigerians in unity we stand divided we fall.lets fight for our life because it is our right. Struggles continues. Aluta continua,victoria accerta!

  7. flomax Reply

    What do you think about the fact that Barcelona flew out of the Champions League?

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