Nigeria: NLC/TUC Suspend The Nationwide Strike

The organised labour unions have announced the suspension of the week-long nationwide in order to save lives and in the interest of national survival.

Speaking at a press conference in Abuja, the labour leaders said workers should return to work as they (labour leaders) continue its ongoing dialogue with the Nigerian government on the recent reduction of the fuel price announced by President Jonathan.

Below is the full text of the press conference:

Suspension Of Strikes And Mass Protests Against Hike In Fuel Prices

In the past eight days through strikes, mass rallies, shutdown, debates and street protests, Nigerians demonstrated clearly that they cannot be taken for granted and that sovereignty belongs to them.
In the last twenty four hours, the Labour Movement and its allies who had the historic responsibility of coordinating these mass actions have had cause to review the various actions and decided that in order to save lives and in the interest of national survival, these mass actions be suspended.

We note the major successes Nigerians scored in these past days in which they rose courageously as a people to take their destiny in their hands.

First, the Federal Government that chorused continuously that its decision to increase petrol (PMS) price to N141 is irreversible and irreducible, was forced to announce a price reduction to N97. We however state categorically that this new price was a unilateral one by the Government.
Secondly, Government has been made to adopt the policy to drastically reduce the cost of governance.

A third major success Nigerians recorded is to get the Federal Government to decisively move against the massive and crippling corruption in the oil sector. While until now Government has seemed helpless to tackle corruption, the mass action of the people has compelled it to address accountability issues in the Sector. In this wise, President Goodluck Jonathan has told the nation that the forensic audit report on the NNPC will be studied and proven acts of corruption will be sanctioned.

He also promised that accountability issues and current lapses in the oil sector will be speedily addressed including the passage of the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB).

A related success of the mass action by Nigerians is the vow of Government to bring to justice all those who have contributed in one way or another to the economic adversity of the country.

The Labour Movement commend Nigerians for their resolve to change the country for the better and we shall take advantage of the Government’s invitation to further engage on these issues. This is in line with Labour’s resolve that the oil industry is too important to be left in the hands of bureaucrats, and that we have the patriotic duty to ensure that Nigerians get the best from this natural resource.

The least we owe our compatriots who have become martyrs in the patriotic struggle to reassert our sovereignty and ensure good governance is to remain steadfast and unbowed. Labour reiterates its demand that those who perpetuated violence against unarmed protests should be brought to justice.
With the experiences of the past eight days, we are sure that no government or institution will take Nigerians for granted again.

In view of the foregoing, Labour and its allies formally announce the suspension of strikes, mass rallies and protests across the country. We demand the release of all those detained in the course of the strikes, rallies and street protests.

We thank all Nigerians especially market men and women, artisans, youths, students, the Nigeria Bar Association, the Nigeria Medical Association, the National Assembly, Civil Society Organisations faith-based organizations, artistes and Nigerians in Diaspora for their invaluable support and active participation during the strikes, mass rallies and street protests.

Abdulwahed I. Omar Peter Esele
President, NLC President, TUC

  1. John Monday 4rm Otukpo Reply

    Well i guess its a good news if the FG will do all what its promised Nigerians. Pls let them address the Assu Problem ASAP.

  2. Amusat fatai Reply

    Our sincere appriciation goes to the leader of both NLC/TUC in Nigeria for protecting the interest of Masses in the front of Federal government of Nigeria. Your stuggle and other Nigerians have yeilded that the fuel price has been reduced to #97 has declared by Mr President.But while continuing the negotiation with the Federal government interest of the masses must be represented.We shall continue our trust in you (NLC & TUC).

  3. Amodu Augustine Reply

    I want to thank Mr.President for his understanding and the NLC and TUC leaders for speaking for the masses. Please ASUU should understand with government to suspend ongoing ASUU strike. We are lacking behind academically and are tied of staying at Home.

    • Stephen Amos Reply

      I wish to sincerely thank the leaders of organised labour, TUC and other organs for fighting for us (the masses)us in view of ameliorating the problems inflicted on us by the govt.
      As you have achieve this laudable feat, please do not rest on your oars. Follow it up with the govt. that they build refinaries for us to refine our crude in view of bringing down the prizes of petroleum products.

  4. Suraju A. Reply

    It is a job welldone by NLC/TUC leaders,infact u show high level of compatriotism,I thank u very much for your dedication. Pls follow it up until nigerian are totaly liberated

  5. Zulfikar Reply

    My fellow Nigerians, for the first time in the htsiory of our country,we all came together as one regardless of our religion.For the first time we the Nigerian people not just labour stood for the truth. So when you say that labour chickened out,my dears Labour did but you and i know that we have just awakened from our slumber. So now is not the time to blame Labour, but reassure ourself and the Government that we are ever ready to fight for our right and we are ready to stand by a government with our might if they do what is right.Nigeria know her strength and the leaders know that now and i hope that they will do what is right from now on.God bless Nigeria.

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