Nigeria: Petroleum Minister Spots A $20,000 Hand Bag At Meeting With Labour – Pointblank News

As the Federal Government continues its campaign for total deregulation of the downstream sector, removal of subsidy and consequent hike in pump price,
Petroleum Minister, Deziani Alison-Madueke has been spotted carrying a Hermes Bag to negotiations with labour.

Allison-Madueke who is one of the arrow heads of the policy attended the meeting Saturday night carrying a Hermes Kelly bag worth Thousands of dollars.

The clip and close shot of the bag was shown on Channels Television shortly after the meeting with labour.

A check by reveal that the minister had on her shoulder, a Hermes Birkin 30 Bag Black Gold with a recommended retail price RRP of
$19, 750 which is about N3.2 Million.

A check also revealed that the cheapest Hermes found on the Hermes official website reveal that Authentic Hermes 32cm Black Box Cal Kelly, $3, 500;
Authentic Hermes Bleu Electrique 35, $14, 979; Hermes Gold 32cm Togo Kelly Retourne Bag, $9, 250.

The proponents of subsidy removal who are members of the Federal Executive Council have continued to live in opulence while urging the masses to make sacrifices.

Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala recently bought a massive home in upscale Maitama, Abuja worth N1.2 Billion.

  1. Jumadet Reply

    It is so unfair to Nigerians. Why would we be treated lyk this? Well, it is not unfounded and I can’t blame them since our govt has given them so much money to toy with. Anyway, I won’t cease being a Nigerian.

  2. udofia Reply

    African spotlite i pray oneday u dont get shotdown 4 i dont get wat nigerians gad 2do wit a ministers choices of dressing.i advice u concentrate in given nigerians tru n positive info than engage on dis campagn of calumny.

    • Amakiri Urch Sparklez Reply

      shut up! if u dont lyk d news unsuscribe. its newsworthy to note dat a human bein is carryin a bag day costs up to dat amount…whn ppl live bellow a dollar a day. Nonsense

    • mara Reply

      Will u not shut ur trap? It is our business that the politicians spend our heritage on trivial stuff.

  3. Grace Reply

    I wish nd pray to God Almighty to mek all those who betrayed us(Nigerians) pay 4 their actions here on earth. For those innocent Nigerians killed during de presidential campaigne/election, “boko haram atacks”, anti fuel subsidy ralies nd who died bcos dey could nt access medical aids as a result of poverty!poor governace, may God avange their deaths in Jesus name

  4. cindy Reply

    if thats true, all these politicians childrn shal suffer afflictn. They shal die lyk stella and yaradua

  5. kunle Reply

    i dont know why we are making unnecessary noise on this issue of the financial strenght of this woman.she has never been poor!.she is an Executive Director@shell for GOD’S Sske before her appointment as petroleum minister!…all these are not luxury to her

    • macroy Reply

      but y not helping the masses with all this luxury………….u most be a fool….cos a gud leader will take from his own pocket to take gud care of his ppl…………….

  6. Oj Smart Oluwole Reply

    God we are in your hands in this Nigeria, please we need your intervention.

  7. Omosebi Bello Reply

    Father, give each n every one of us d right judgment we deserve.

  8. nick Reply

    Its a real pity to see one or two nigerian spendin wot belongs to all of us J̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊t̲̥̅̊ becos dey can. My God will visit dem wit leprosy n terminate dier 1st siblings Ѕ̲̅̇̊ dey feel d pains 2.

  9. Anonymous Reply

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    imitation Evelyn TPM

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