Pictures: Flamboyant Livestyle Of Allison Madueke’s Son In The U.S

Ugonna Madueke is the son of Nigerian Petroleum Minister, Diezani Allison-Madueke, who has very serious allegations of corruption in the past year. These pictures of him are from the DailyPost.

Chima Madueke in a private jet

Ugonna Madueke in a stretch Limo

Ugonna Madueke with Dbanj, Neyo, Cecil Hammond, Chima Madueke

Mrs. Winihin Jimide, Ugonna Madueke, Honoable Minister Mrs. Diezani Alison_Madueke, Permanent Secretary, Goni Sheikh, Chimezie Madueke and Chima Madueke

Premium Times published analysis on why Allison Madueke should be probed. Here is an excerpt:
Last year, NEXT, one of Nigeria’s most respected newspapers, ran a series of investigative reports that linked the minister herself to monumental corruption. The government is yet to act on those allegations. In one of those reports, titled “Oil minister, her jeweller and their sweetheart deal”, the Minister was said to have discretionally licensed one Christopher Aire, a 47-year-old United States-based Nigerian celebrity jewellery designer and merchant, to be lifting crude oil.

Mr Aire’s company, Solid 21 Incorporated, which dealt strictly in jewellery and wristwatches, did not meet any of the criteria spelt out in the guidelines for prospective crude oil lifters. But, between July 9 and July, 2010, he incorporated two companies, Siseno Oil Nigeria Limited, as well as Caligeria Oil Limited. Both companies were to undertake the businesses of petroleum products sales and distribution.

A month after the no-address companies were incorporated, the minister reportedly directed the Crude Oil Marketing Division (COMD), the NNPC division in charge of crude oil marketing, to approve crude oil lifting contracts to them to lift 60,000 barrels of crude per day. That was done in clear violation of laid down guidelines requiring companies interested in lifting Nigerian crude to be bona fide end users, with established reputation as large volume traders with global network for at least three years.

In another report also published by NEXT, and entitled “Oil minister in N2.2b bribery scandal”, the minister’s name was mentioned in an elaborate scam which forced marketers to pay huge bribes in exchange for petroleum products import license by the PPPRA. There was also the allegation that she unilaterally assigned prospecting rights in some state-owned lucrative blocks to some briefcase companies without open and competitive bidding.

Irked by these allegations, for which government failed to act, a Lagos-based lawyer, Bartholomew Aguegbodo, sued the minister at a Federal High Court in Lagos. See Lawyer sues Allison-Madueke and “Last minute oil deals that cost Nigeria dear”.

Yet, there are several other allegations for which the minister has to answer questions. So, it appears bizarre that as tainted as she is by these allegations, the government has asked her to lead the effort to clean up the NNPC in particular, and the industry in general.

If the government wants to be taken seriously in its bid to dethrone corruption in the industry, it must first probe Mrs. Alison-Madueke herself. It is only when she is found to be clean that she should be allowed to lead the reform of a sector fraught with monumental corruption.

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Sad that I should comment, but v to.. Agree with d death penalty suggestion. Afterall most nigerians living within the poverty range are already serving d death penalty.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    i see why most comment here are anonimous writers,and it so obvious you are beneficiaries of these currupt practice,strong measures is required for curruption in nigeria to br minimize,i strongly believe death/life in prisonment should be evolved as penalties! talking about anornimous comments about not taking lives one cant create,please can you estimate the lives that has been taken as a result of impoverishment of society and lack of basic amenities such as health,shelter,food,education etc,that our dear belove country fosters,but heard dormant as a result of currupt,we as nigerian we must stand as one and stop this dilemma that has renderd Our beloved country hoprless..those foriegn country they loot the money to are fishing them out because they build their economy in unity,hoe can you say scholar when you reck your home and cling to a foriegn land as your home,these foriegn lands dont need people like them,thr world has stepped up for change in Nigeria..Godbless My president,Godbless Nigeria my country!

    • Anonymous Reply

      Mr Annonymous…are you asking of the lives lost due to poverishment and lack of health amminities? what abut the soldiers that went to fight boko haram without weapons? all the bomb blast that took away innocent lives in the north, the oil bunkering that consumned lives of people who found raw oil flowing into their community because of lack of jobs? schools under trees during raining season,see lots and lots of curses on these peeps will remain in them for eternity including their next generation…

  3. Anonymous Reply

    This is a stylish way of investing Sharia Law in Nigeria, she is not the first person to steal from Nigeria, why must they implement a penalty by death, if so, Nigerians should prosecute the previous senators and past elected house of reps members for same act.

    • Anonymous Reply

      That’s just plain stupid answer.

    • Anonymous Reply

      Hmmmmm Nigerians… there would always be a scapegoat in every situation. .. we need to start from somewhere… nation building is our collective responsibility

  4. Anonymous Reply

    she wiil live large,if you are jealous,go and be minister

  5. Anonymous Reply

    u Nigerians are bitter. u see people trying to destroy ur country u taking side with devil God will judge all if u set of corrupt thieves

  6. Anonymous Reply

    u Nigerians are bitter. u see people trying to destroy ur country u taking side with devil God will judge all of u, set of corrupt thieves.

  7. Anonymous Reply

    God will expose all u corrupt theives. in a shameful way

  8. Anonymous Reply

    ole ole tif tif said aninulakpo

  9. Anonymous Reply

    Fucking Bastards!

  10. Anonymous Reply

    I weep 4 my dear country where poor people are going hunger every day oh God have mercy

  11. Anonymous Reply

    they should catch dbanj too.en follow chop money , thieves.

  12. Anonymous Reply

    They shouldn’t spare a penny. Criminals without disguise mask.

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    Why are nig*as mad at this fine lady, she only being a good Nigerian, she is doing what we do best, lie and steal. Now why is her poor son being implicated in this saga?, personally I’ll give this lady a national award for cleaning out the treasury, this is our culture,stealing with impunity, it’s been happening since indepence. Please don’t make Dazieane the poster child for corruption, because she is definitely not.

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    Ugonna,though u re my kinsman from same town in Oji-river,Enugu state,I am not surprised at what am seeing.

    The same greed,arrogance and stinginess that ran in your late grand-dad’s(Beliah Madueke and in your father’s vein runs in you,and has equally been inculcated into your step-mom.

    What a prodigal son you have become with your parents loot.I remember your fat-assed dad and slant-eyes mom embarassing me few years ago,when I came begging for employment in his company,as a young graduate from same town.Laffsss!!!,what goes around will surely come around someday.Greedy and stingy bastards!!!

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    These animals should be locked up in prison. fucking idiots wasting our money. may their whole generation be cursed by the blood of Nigerians.

  16. Anonymous Reply

    poor pple are here suffering, and this big for nothing family are here Wasting our money..its a shame thee

  17. Anonymous Reply

    Allison madueke u shall leave 2 suffer, ur generation shall die in poverty nd sickness u shall die there in london, we poor nigerians are sufferin nd u a ur stupid family re busy lavishin our sweat thunder strike u where ever u go

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    Diezani is not of Madurese family extraction and please note the Madueke family comes from a disciplined background
    Agreeable the woman was married into the family does not bestow corruption on the members of the Madueke and henceforth all references to the corrupt tendencies should be addressed to the AGAMA Family where dies anti came from

    • Anonymous Reply

      Her biological child was not the one seen in the private jet picture! Her biological children were not the ones pictured with the musician. So, no holier than thou comments please.

  20. Anonymous Reply

    What’s important to me is that she should return our money before she visit her ancestors. Wealth or power does not stop death and what ever we do will surely be rewarded accordingly.

  21. Anonymous Reply

    She needs mercy. Any of you you couldn’t resist the cream that is attached t the position. Let there be equitable remedy.

  22. Anonymous Reply

    Useless people glory be to God for cancer let her stay alive and see the consequences of her devilish action

  23. Anonymous Reply

    The best judgment is to sentence her to death by hanging.masses are suffering seriously and enjoying life with ur children.God will not forgive you diezani u re wicked woman is

    • Anonymous Reply

      installed of u praying to God to give an opportunity to be there, u are there causing them you will remain poor in this life

      • Anonymous Reply

        Your brain is empty i think,if not you will talk with sense. When would you people use your brain? Hmmm…How many times have you seen someone steal such amount of money from USA or other western worlds and take it to Africa?
        They will never do that because they love there people.
        Africans and Middle east should learn to love there people, Money is good when everyone enjoy atleast basic amenities. Dont put your people in problem and surferness. A word is enough for a wise.

  24. Anonymous Reply

    It will never be well with them in Jesus name .

  25. Anonymous Reply

    Well she should just be jailed for life..she’s can imagine all the said money she looted..

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