Pictures: Flamboyant Livestyle Of Allison Madueke’s Son In The U.S

Ugonna Madueke is the son of Nigerian Petroleum Minister, Diezani Allison-Madueke, who has very serious allegations of corruption in the past year. These pictures of him are from the DailyPost.

Chima Madueke in a private jet

Ugonna Madueke in a stretch Limo

Ugonna Madueke with Dbanj, Neyo, Cecil Hammond, Chima Madueke

Mrs. Winihin Jimide, Ugonna Madueke, Honoable Minister Mrs. Diezani Alison_Madueke, Permanent Secretary, Goni Sheikh, Chimezie Madueke and Chima Madueke

Premium Times has published an analysis on why Allison Madueke should be probed. Here is an excerpt:
Last year, NEXT, one of Nigeria’s most respected newspapers, ran a series of investigative reports that linked the minister herself to monumental corruption. The government is yet to act on those allegations. In one of those reports, titled “Oil minister, her jeweller and their sweetheart deal”, the Minister was said to have discretionally licensed one Christopher Aire, a 47-year-old United States-based Nigerian celebrity jewellery designer and merchant, to be lifting crude oil.

Mr Aire’s company, Solid 21 Incorporated, which dealt strictly in jewellery and wristwatches, did not meet any of the criteria spelt out in the guidelines for prospective crude oil lifters. But, between July 9 and July, 2010, he incorporated two companies, Siseno Oil Nigeria Limited, as well as Caligeria Oil Limited. Both companies were to undertake the businesses of petroleum products sales and distribution.

A month after the no-address companies were incorporated, the minister reportedly directed the Crude Oil Marketing Division (COMD), the NNPC division in charge of crude oil marketing, to approve crude oil lifting contracts to them to lift 60,000 barrels of crude per day. That was done in clear violation of laid down guidelines requiring companies interested in lifting Nigerian crude to be bona fide end users, with established reputation as large volume traders with global network for at least three years.

In another report also published by NEXT, and entitled “Oil minister in N2.2b bribery scandal”, the minister’s name was mentioned in an elaborate scam which forced marketers to pay huge bribes in exchange for petroleum products import license by the PPPRA. There was also the allegation that she unilaterally assigned prospecting rights in some state-owned lucrative blocks to some briefcase companies without open and competitive bidding.

Irked by these allegations, for which government failed to act, a Lagos-based lawyer, Bartholomew Aguegbodo, sued the minister at a Federal High Court in Lagos. See Lawyer sues Allison-Madueke and “Last minute oil deals that cost Nigeria dear”.

Yet, there are several other allegations for which the minister has to answer questions. So, it appears bizarre that as tainted as she is by these allegations, the government has asked her to lead the effort to clean up the NNPC in particular, and the industry in general.

If government wants to be taken seriously in its bid to enthrone corruption in the industry, it must first probe Mrs. Alison-Madueke herself. It is only when she is found to be clean that she should be allowed to lead the reform of a sector fraught with monumental corruption.

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Nothing will help u out in dis issue, u have nothing to tell Nigerians

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Please allow her to be. Why now.l love her and her style.”mention one public officer in nigeria since the era of babangida wey no thieve nigeria money. Atleast #5oo” why allison case different.

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    Good sure by now she ll start learning to adopt to prison condition…

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Well the are all the same in Nigeria when it comes to money
    No exemption including you and me
    All we need is renewal if our minds with the word of God

    • Anonymous Reply

      I do not know her and her family
      One thing you should understand is that if you are put in that position you will embezzle more money than her and the son
      You are complaining because you have not being given the opportunity
      I don’t trust you
      Not even some so called pastors in Nigeria who are exploiting the congregations
      So pray for change in Nigeria both those abroad because they think alike. How to embezzle. The truth is better.

      • Anonymous Reply

        You are naive and illogical where have you learned that just becauseX is placed in a privileged position X is likely t abuse the position. You may be from her tribe a class of people in Nigeria who have no regard for reputation when money is the subject matter. By the way tell her she is going to jail as long as Buhari remains president of Nigera.

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    hmmmmm….and there is a country called Nigeria….Believe it or not,Nigeria future has been mortgage

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    That woman should have been kicked out of the nnpc long ago. Gej may be gaining something we don’t know from her.

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    The woman of virture

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    Yea… Dat’s d only only problem confronting our nation nigerian…corruption nd embezzlement of fund…. so d way out is dere shud be a perfect equity before d law… Nd again it’s only dat can help us out in dis issue …..

  9. kingsley Reply

    Things keeps on going wrong, How do we keep up in this nation of ours when there is no school for our university students because of the ever growing strength of strike, every one is running to little Ghana to school even to write prometric academic and professional exams is no longer possible in nigeria because the European nations thinks we are not a serious nation.How long can we continue with this? God bless Nigeria>>>

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    we are fighting corruption with our lips. most or almost all the politicians have their children all there in the same flamboyant life.Reason why they don’t care if Nigeria is burning.They do everything here corruptible to keep their families afloat in abroad. so can corruption stop? Just imagine Alison’s children like the president’s children.Are they not spending Nigeria govt’s money? The answer is Nigeria should change to a system of govt, where nobody owns anything.period!

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