Angry Nigerians Confront Minister Of State For Foreign Affairs In New York (VIDEO)

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Professor Viola Adaku Onwuliri, was on Wednesday confronted by enraged Nigerian activists in New York, who were prepared to unleash their anger on the minister as a form of protest against the recent fuel subsidy removal, bad governance, and corruption in Nigeria.

The protesters, many of whom were members of the Nigeria Liberty Democratic Forum (NDLF), shut down the town hall meeting for more than an hour. They began their protest by expressing their displeasure at the minister’s lateness to the very event she traveled to New York to attend.

The meeting, which was scheduled to start at 6: 00 p.m., began at 7:30p.m when she arrived.

The protesters demanded that the meeting would not be held because they are tired of hearing the same thing from the Nigerian government and in view of the killing of peaceful protesters during last week’s Occupy Nigeria mass protests. They demanded that the minister go back to Nigeria.

“We’re tired of hearing the same thing from corrupt government officials when police are killing innocent people back home, let her go back to Nigeria where she came from,” said Omoyele Sowore, one of the protesters.

“They come to U.S to waste our resources when people are dying in Nigeria, people are living in poverty, shame on you madam Minister, shame on you!” said Bukola Oreofe, Executive Director of NDLF.

One of the facilitators of the event called for true Nigerians to stop the protesters. But the protesters responded, “True Nigerians are those who do not take nonsense. You guys killed like 20 people last week during a peaceful protest and you think it’s OK to hold a town hall meeting in America, the home of civil rights, no way.”

The protesters continued their chants of solidarity until members of the New York Police Department came and appeased them to leave the venue. The meeting later commenced at about 9:00p.m.

Angry Nigerians

Angry Nigerians

Angry Nigerians

Angry Nigerians

Angry Nigerians

Angry Nigerians

Angry Nigerians

Angry Nigerians

Angry Nigerians

  1. Adenike Precious Ajayi Reply

    That is good any where they go now we will be disgracing them

  2. macroy Reply

    we must fight u ppl 4rm every angle around the world

  3. macroy Reply

    if this sud be nija……….i wonder how many ppl wud ve recorded death

  4. Macdonaldo Reply

    Nigerians can b so funny,is this how 2 press 4 chang,whether u embaras them,their pocket wil continue 2 b fat cos u voted 4 them,4 thos who ddnt vote,shut up and dnt complain

  5. stephen Reply

    i like the step taking by Nigerians in diaspora’to call a spade a spade.this will let the wicked cabal see how stupid and unresonable their decisions are ‘if they like.

  6. Junior Agbe Reply

    This was irresponsible… We need to learn to be civil… I was at the meeting and I felt this was the wrong approach. Nigerians are tagged as Animals abroad because of attitudes like this. The woman never raised her voice but stayed calm all through. Sadly, the people she came to address were embarrassed by two lawless, disgruntled AC politicians who stay away from Nigeria and complain when they have done nothing to help the country develop. The Diaspora community should not engage the government like this. I disagree. We need to engage them at a high level, through international agencies, through high powered dialogue and through mature intellectual discourse. I thought I was in Ajegunle at this meeting.. This was a great disservice to our Nation and I DO NOT SUPPORT THE SHAMELESS ACTIONS…

  7. Bazyo, Switzerland. Reply

    Junior Agbe, you are very stupeid . The minister came to America for the purpose of the meeting, and she came late. They wasted our money for the useless trip, and you stupid, bastard Junior Agbe said you thought you were in Ajegunle. God will punish you and those government officials in that town hall. Olosi.

  8. Akin Reply

    Guys, this is good. Whoever that says this is bad is also a bad person. This is just the beginning for these corrupt and bad leaders. I will advice them to stay at home through out this year,we dnt wanna see anyone of them abroad.

  9. Michael Braimah(Canada). Reply

    Junior Agbe,you seem to be the oddest of nigerians.Probably you are on the Ministers Cabinet or her payroll.Go and have your head examined.It seems you have a screw loose somewhere.Do you know how many nigerians both young and old, have applauded and commended what omoyele did?That is why i said you are like a needle in the haystack who does not want change in the economy,u wish for corruption to still occur in our fatherland.Can you tell me what he did wrong at that event?Its too bad that the truth is bitter to accept by some nigerinas such as yourself,and that the truth hurts to some people.I would have wanted him to have done that in GEJ’s face.I wish to say that this was a great service to our nation and i support guyz like omoyele.Kudos!!!

  10. Michael Braimah(Canada). Reply

    I also forgot to add one more thing.Did you see that the officials were sitting down during the National Anthem and not standing up? Who do they think they are?What disregard to Nigeria as a whole?It seems they do not have any respect to what our National Anthem symbolizes.What a shame?That was insolent if i have to mention.SMH….

  11. Carissa Marco Reply

    I truly appreciate this post.Thanks Again. Cool.

  12. Gillz Reply

    The Nigerian govt have for long refused to accept dialogue as a solution for a corrupt free Nigeria. Confrontation will be the only option. Omoloye and his group did a great job at that. Y’all need to come down I see the rot in this country…u ll weep! SMH

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