Nigeria: 20 Separate Bomb Blasts Rock Kano City

At least 20 separate blasts went off on Friday in Kano city, killing at least 3 and injuring about 30 others in Nigeria’s second largest commercial city.

Residents said the bombs exploded simultaneously after the first one went off around five in the evening, causing panic all over the city. Thick smoke could also be seen rising in many parts as the whole town was suddenly shut down.

The Federal Police headquarters in the city was hit in one of the attacks, blowing off the roof while a number of other police stations including the ones at Naibawa, Dakata Farm Centre and BUK Road were also hit.

The State Security Service offices and the Immigration Service were also hit in the bomb attacks.

The attack at the Police headquarters was carried out by a suicide bomber driving a Honda Civic. The bomber had succeeded in breaking through the gates of the building and rammed the car into the wall of a vocational centre.

There have also been reports of an explosion at a motor park along New Road in Sabon Gari area.

At least eight people, including the suicide bomber have been confirmed dead.

  1. Smart Shaibu Reply

    O God come and deliver ur people. Have mercy on us.

  2. Mario Reply

    Poor Nigeria, my beloved country. We know what is wrong with us and we know how to handly it, but we are afraid of stepping on toes. Lord, only you will bring the kind of justice and peace this nation needs. Help us to help ourselves.

  3. Lilian opara Reply

    The glory of God has departed frm nija. God pls hve mercy on ur children.

  4. Hope Reply

    Fellow nigerians let make it a point of duties to always pray for our country, if you help in destroying nigeria do you have another place to go?or do you think other country wil allow you in theirs? let think about it fellow country people and change from our evil plans

  5. Ukwuomah vitalis ibeh Reply

    The nigerian police have the power to arrest and release culprits or offenders at any particular time,so if the boko haram bomber escaped from their hands ,it does not really mean that he escaped but was overtly released which is ofcourse part of their responsibilities.The police kept the man wherever he is.they will also bring him out when required

  6. Seigu Reply

    We know hw this’ll play out. Politicians nd mushroom orgs/associatns file out 2 ‘condemn in strong terms, the dastardly act’. The security agencies declare their status as on top of d situatn. The govt buys d victims’ silence wit financial compensatn, while d military suppresses anger nd disenchantment. A few more days of ‘forming activity’ by obviously compromisd security agencies. Then we move on 2 d next act to watch same queues all over again.

  7. Ademola Reply

    Pease can some1 call Mr.President & his associates 2 concentrates on how 2 profer a solution 2 dis Boko-Haram attacks cos it has gotten out of hand.People are losing loved ones,breadwinners etc,only God will C us thru it.

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