Nigeria: Enenche Akogwu, Channels TV Reporter – Shot Dead In Kano

A Kano based reporter for Channels TV, Enenche Akogwu, was shot dead today by Islamic militants. Akogwu was on assignment at the scene of the multiple bomb blasts that occurred earlier today in the city of Kano by Islamic militants Boko Haram.

He arrived at the Farm center police station shortly after the first bomb exploded there and approached by-standers thinking they would tell him what they had seen. Before Akogwu could realize they were Islamic militants, the men had pulled out a gun and killed him on the spot.

“The mood in the newsroom was one of complete shock,” said Chika Moses, a Lagos based co-worker of the deceased. “Our editor was close to tears. It seemed like the newsroom stood still for a bit. People were crying. The chairman, Mr. Momoh, actually oversaw the writing of the report announcing his death. It was a shock. A big loss, everyone is still reeling from it.”

Akogwu who was 31, graduated Benue State University in 2004 and joined Channels Television as a reporter in the nation’s capital city of Abuja, two years ago. He was later made the station’s correspondent in Kano.

He was described by co-workes as a resourceful and fearless reporter who covered the northern region of Nigeria, uncovering breaking stories and events in that region.

Akogwu was the winner of Channels TV’s 2011 Chairman’s award, for which he was honored at the station’s end of the year celebration.

He who was spending some time in Lagos, returned to Kano two days before the incident that led to his death. The management of Channels TV expressed deep sadness over the death of their courageous reporter.

Enenche in Kenya, training for journalism self-defense

Enenche at journalism training in Kenya

Enenche at journalism training in Kenya

  1. Mulan amuche Reply

    What is dis na..wot kind of nonsence is dis?how can u end dis young man life just like dat…wots d meanin of all dis.?President do sumtin na…do sumtin ur country is burnin!

  2. moyo Reply

    Ds is realy sad ‎​ι stil saw him on tue.he’s ma bro by state,job.he hugged me nd said we wil c again.wil mis

  3. Moyo Tee boy Reply


  4. Amehson Reply

    What a sad new a young man with a bright vision may his soul rest in perfect peace.

  5. Alhassan Mamman Muhammad Reply

    Enenche, you died in active service. May your soul rest in peace. Your death was unfortunate but God knows better.R.I.P

  6. ogo Reply

    News was your life you didn’t waste it you gained it. Miss you

  7. Naegri Reply

    I am still sobbing. This is getting out of hand. A young resourceful man cut off from life by faceless fundamentalists in the name of religion! I thought religion was supposed to protect its adherents and others and show the path to life and not to death!!!

    • ASHMO Reply

      Religion shows you the part to light but the people behind this are estrimists who don’t even know a thing about religion. There motto is to kill and make money from the rich people who are funding them :'(

  8. Mario Reply

    Imagin how uncivilized we are or rather our fundamentalists are. When one kills press persons, who will make known one’s demands to others? It is very ugly of our society.

  9. oluwatoyin yusuf ishola Reply


  10. A-CUBE Reply

    Its high time mr president should take care and focus on the boko haram menace and stop subsidizing nigerian lives!!!

  11. Nura Garba Reply

    It is absolutely sad to hear this unfortunate news of the demise of my class mate @ Msc Mass communication, Enenche. How could they have killed a journalist?

  12. Talatu Kaga Reply

    May his soul rest in perfect peace ,died in service to the nation.Mr president now you have to act please ,it has gotten to your door step .

  13. Alex Reply

    Are you not supose to be absurd yourself mr president? Your a Shepherd ? Or you want this carnivorous humans to affect u first?

  14. Alhaji Gizago Reply

    What a sad news to hear. Channels TV should name the station or atleast their newsroom after him.

  15. Apata Babandutse Reply

    Pls, I expect the federal government to deploy their heavy military personel to the norther part of the country and not lagos. We need to declare the state of emergency in Aso rock.

  16. Al'ameen Reply

    Wht a shameful vices killing young innocent bright futured journalist…………Mr President wht’r u doing……..oh do u mean u possess a kindless calibre……….
    We’r really tired of ths hyper-barbaric killings, people’r killing in th name of religion 2 achieve their stupid aims

  17. chinwe E Reply

    Wow! So Enenche is gone. Am so short of words! May his soul rest in Peace…

  18. Emem Peace Effiong Reply

    God help us.wat a loss

  19. kole Reply

    Enenche, ur a matire. U shed ur blood for ds great fight. Rest in peace. The akogwu family, God is in control. He does not sleep.

  20. Aleobua mathias Reply

    May his gentle soul rest in peace AMEN!

  21. Nikata Reply

    May your soul rest in peace Enenche. As for those that were supposed to protect you and our nation, may their souls never be at peace while on earth till death and aftermath.

  22. chioma Reply


  23. nene Reply

    May U̲̅я soul rest i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ peace Akogwu *soo sad*

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