Press Release: Again, President Jonathan Condoles With Victims Of Terror Attacks In Kano – SaharaReporters

President Goodluck Jonathan has expressed his condolences to all victims, including the management and staff of Channels Television, following the multiple bomb blasts and acts of violence which rocked the city of Kano on Friday, in which seven persons were confirmed dead and others wounded. Among the seven persons killed in the incident was a reporter with Channels Television in Kano, Mr Enenche Akogwu. Mr Akogwu was reportedly shot and killed while on duty during the exchange of fire between men and officers of the Nigeria Police and the terrorists at the Farm Centre Police Station, Kano.

President Jonathan who said he was greatly saddened by the incident which led to the loss of lives of innocent Nigerians, pledged to get to the root of the incident while assuring the management and staff of Channels Television which lost its Kano-based correspondent and indeed all Nigerians, that those behind these acts of terrorism would be made to face the full wrath of the law.

He commended the media as the Fourth Estate of the Realm for living up to its constitutional and noble responsibility in these critical times and assured all journalists that “the Federal Government will continue to partner with the media in a robust and patriotic manner in the drive to build, institute and sustain the administration’s transformational values and programmes for our dear country and indeed Nigerians.”

The President further commended the media for its historic role in protecting constitutional democracy and the rule of Law in Nigeria and promised to ensure that those who lost their lives in the Kano incident do not die in vain as those behind the acts of violence will be apprehended and speedily dealt with in accordance with the Laws of the land.

The President said: “It is with a heart full of sadness and pain that I convey my condolences on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria to the families, friends, associates and relatives of all those who lost their lives in the acts of violence in Kano on Friday. These are honest and patriotic Nigerians who were brutally and recklessly cut down by agents of terror. As a responsible Government, we will not fold our hands and watch enemies of democracy, for that is what these mindless killers are, perpetrate unprecedented evil in our land. I want to re-assure Nigerians, the international Community, and members of the fourth estate of the realm, who lost one of their colleagues, a reporter with Channels Television, that all those involved in that dastardly act would be made to face the full wrath of the law.”

Reuben Abati

Special Adviser to the President

(Media and Publicity)

  1. folayemi foluke Reply

    dis act of terrorism in nigeria is becoming alarmin as each unfolds….humn, may d help nigeria out of dis o


    It’s unfortunate that such thing is happening in our great country nigeria, just because of selfish interest of few group of people try ing to spoil president jonathan administration,SHAME ON THEM BECAUSE GOD PASS THEM.IT’s WELL.

  3. Hashim Abdullahi Tanko Reply

    Shame on you effiminate and sentimental President, only Channels’s reporter you lay your concern largely -one person out of almost 200 victims, because he’s from south, I wonder/doubt how capable are you to rule this, ‘Unity in Diversity’ called “Nigeria.”

  4. Abubakar Reply

    @ Hashim. It seems so. However, I suggest that GEJ should quickly go to Kano for a condolence visit in order to reduce the perceived tension between him and Northerners. He should do it now while the 24 hour curfew is in place over there. Reason being that he has never paid condolence visit to the killing of Sallah day in Jos or the killing of Muslims in Kaduna state, etc, etc. however, he paid visit to Christian dominated areas of Jos and recently to Madalla, another area where Christians were the victims. It is a candid advice, no mischief intended.

  5. Seigu Reply

    I’ve lost count of d no. of times I’ve heard dat same speech.

  6. Eustace Reply

    its quite unfortunate that hasim and Abubukar are refering the reporter as somebody from the south….thats why he got condoles.Its very dispicable in the strongest possible terms the wanton destruction of people in thids event.Some pple say that it is bcos the not dont have good education..I put this question to all of you for justice seek..whos fault is it? we have been ruled by the military that looted our CBN..The only Ibo that was military head was ironsi and he did not last 6 mnths and gen.obasanjo who left power to civilians..99 percent of military and civilian rulers are from the north..where did the keep the whole money the looted? why did the not build schools for there people? Nw u lay claims and point fingers at the southerners that was devasted by a civil war? people who were killed in millions? Hold your Imam and emir that his son is uk and usa having fun..while he preaches against vacination in the mosque..that is to make them infertile? because he did not recieve a bribe to allow them vaccinate his people.True muslims shld rise up and condemn these pple that spoil ther name home and abroad! but what has the muslim world sayed noting! iran,saudi,Egyt, tunisia, turkey, sudan, libya.Is unfortunate..My solution for all this problems is this…empower citizens to own light fire arms….and you will see that there will be no monoply of arms again..peole can hence defend there freedom by fighting as self defence..whether be you muslim or christian…for now we shld comfort thr wounded and give solace to the relatives of the dead.

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