ASUU President: Why We Won’t Call Off Strike

The Academic Staff Union of Universities in Nigeria (ASUU) has said it will not suspend the ongoing strike contrary to the government’s announcement, unless its demands are met.

The Minister of Education, Prof. Ruqayyatu Rufai, had told reporters that ASUU would call off the three-month strike on Monday, after a meeting with the various university vice-chancellors in Abuja.

But ASUU President, Prof Ukachuchwu Awuzie has stated that, ASUU is not a member of the Association of Vice Chancellors, and would not call off strike until the government implements its agreements with ASUU. He made it clear that the lecturers’ body, would not abide by the Association’s call to end the strike.

“It’s all government’s propaganda! ASUU won’t call off its strike so long as government shies away from the issue of effective funding of the universities,” Awuzie said.

He added that, “Mr. President has scheduled a meeting with ASUU on Monday. If government accepts to implement our demand, that is when we will think of calling off the strike. Even at that, the National Executive Committee of ASUU will have to meet and have series of meetings to agree on when to call off the strike. However, with the intervention of Mr. President, I believe the solution will come faster than expected,” he said.

  1. Ben Reply

    i am tempted to wonder if ASUU is truly interested in the funding of Nigerian Universities as they claim or they are just being selfish. if they are truly interested in funding of Nigerian Universities, we should see them making sacrifices, why would they want to work for 70 years? why would they want a jumbo pay? why not cut on their salaries and contribute to the funding? i passed through the university and am pretty sure i speak better English than some of my lecturers, i have not seen ASUU penalise any lecturer for misbehaving, when lecturers are proud that more than 50% of their students fail, when Universities like UNIMAID graduate students and keep them home for 1 year before NYSC, where is ASUU? let the NANS rise up and face ASUU as they faced the FG during the fuel subsidy saga, enough of selfishness, is it because your children are not in Nigeria’s rotten universities?

  2. bunmi Reply

    @ ben,bro u said it all,all dis their strike is basically bcos of their tommy and not for the intrest of student……..pls I beg on student to rise against them as soon as possible..

  3. princess Reply

    @Ben,u’r very correct,dey’r jst fightn 4 demselves else dey’ll accept wah dey’v been given,4 christ sakes,we’v been at home 4 too lng

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