Alison Madueke’s Son Responds To “Flamboyant Lifestyle” Photos

Nigeria’s Petroleum Minister Diezani Alison Madueke’s son, Ugonna Madueke, has responded to the publication of several of his photographs on various internet sites depicting a lavish lifestyle, while his mother is entangled in allegations of corruption in the oil sector.

Here are the pictures and his response:

Ugonna Madueke with Dbanj, Cecil Hammond, Chima Madueke

Ugonna Madueke in a stretch Limo

Ugonna Madueke holding cash in the middle

Allison Madueke with her family

“A Wicked Attack On My Person Via Internet Photos”

It was with great dismay that I awoke a few days ago to see the pictorial publications being circulated about my family and me by the on-line media. It has stirred up a great deal of controversy and has portrayed our family in a negative light.

The pictures posted were taken over a period of time, some before my mother left the private sector as an ED at Shell to work for the Nigerian government. Although I benefited from a comfortable upbringing I was raised in a fairly strict environment by a military father who insisted that we worked to support ourselves whilst in school. He ensured that we had the basic minimum to support us covering tuition food and transport only.

We were all compelled to work to support ourselves and at the same time excel academically. I am a fully qualified engineer who has worked in my area of expertise for the last 2 and half years. I work very hard at my job and like many people across the globe I also party hard.

The pictures of my brother with Neyo and Dbanj are typical of the way any young man or woman will react getting somewhat excited when they run into stars whether they be home grown or international. Most people will be more than happy to have their photograph taken with them.

As far as the limo ride goes, they are commonly used as airport taxis overseas. Occasionally myself along with my friends and family chip in to pay approx $100 from the airport to our destination. To put this in context it is approximately N16, 500. There were 6 of us in the limo ride, which worked out to be roughly N2000 per head.

With regards to the picture of me in the airplane, which by the way was shot almost 2 years ago, the explanation is really quite simple. I was in America to attend the wedding of an old classmate whose parents had chartered a small aircraft to take some of the bride’s closest friends and family to the destination.

I did what anyone in my shoes would do and took a picture, Facebook is a testament to that.It has been alleged that my family flew to America to attend a party, The event we attended was the Chris Aire event for the unveiling of NIGERIA’S GEM STONES with my Mother in her capacity as the then Minister of Mines & Steel. It was an event designed to promote Nigerian Gem stones.

The picture of us on the Red Carpet as we attended the event has also being published. I struggle to fully understand how something that was intended to showcase Nigerian talent and products is now seen as wrong. She also honoured an invitation at the London Stock Exchange to make a presentation; a clear indication that the Gemstone event at Los Angeles had started attracting foreign investors.

The picture showing members of my university fraternity and I holding some money was taken several years ago, while I was an undergraduate. It was a requirement of the society that we documented our fund raising success for a charitable course on behalf of the society I belonged to in the university. The society is called Alpha – Phi – Alpha University of Maryland Chapter.

Like any young man, I have had my fair share of fun, hanging out and partying I am grateful for the upbringing that I have had. This does not however mean I am immune from the realities of the plight of millions of Nigerians living at or below the poverty line. If the pictures (published out of context) were intended to portray me or my family as insensitive to the plight of millions of Nigerians I can honestly state that this is by no means who we are.

What this has taught me however is that, with positions of privilege and leadership come humility and responsibility not only by those in leadership but members of their extended family also.

I sincerely apologise to my family and the Nigerian public for any hurt, anger or embarrassment that might have been caused by these pictures, which were taken completely out of context. I will endeavor to ensure that all my actions in future will be sensitive to the plight of all.

However I have absolutely no control over this well orchestrated smear campaign, which is mainly directed at my mother, I therefore appeal to Nigerians not to take everything they see or read at face value.

  1. eke chima collins Reply

    thanks 4 taking out time 2 explain those controversial first,we feel offended seeing those pictures but as u have explained above,i think we must have misunderstand u.and 4 that,pls accept my apology.

  2. Abiodun Sylvester Dansu Reply

    Guy, while pondering on this, you have to know that: ”Uneasy lies the head taht wears the crown”.
    One of the persons in ur pix with is actually an ex-roommate of mine in IU, so I didnt realy see any big deal. Ordinarily as an engineer abroad you should be able to afford such luxury but I think you realy need to lay low to save your mum’s head.

  3. Binlil Reply

    thanks for the response. although initially offendf, i actually stated somethng like this when i read d report with your pics. Anyway, it goes a long way to let people like you knw whats boiling down here. i urge d media house that publishd d initial report to do everythng posible to tag ths response to it. God bless Nigeria.

  4. Wale Reply

    Though I did not respond but I was filled with anger at seeing you in such a posture that insulted our sensibility yet for the fact that u took the gentleman path of explaining shows that you are trully a well trainxd and courteous man.You should ve called our bluff but for the fact that u broke it down without any sense of haughtiness or rub it on them makes me to apologize to is not yoor fault u were born into a rich home but please always bear in mind to remember the poor in ur charitable endeavours.

  5. OBATEE Reply

    I appreciate your response to the attack. I hope Saharareporter will do you favour by posting this your explanation. The content shows your level of discipline. Pls, do me a favour by coming to your state to open OGONNA FOUNDATION with atleast N5million where the poor can get their school fees paid and earn a future. PEACE BE STILL. Your Mother dey hot seat o.

  6. Beatrice Reply

    I was angry initially but wen i read ur explanatns i was convinced dt u were misundastod.

  7. OTUNBA Reply

    Thanks for your response I hope this is circulated among the prints media.

  8. Dubem N. Reply

    I really sympathize with you on the responses u have been bomberded with. I also appreciate your humility in trying to clear issues raised therein as a result of the publications. I want u to see it as transfer of aggression following the kind of hardship Nigerians went thru from the ill-timed removal of fuel subsidy which ur mother and the Finance Minister was at the centre stage because of the positions they occupy. However, this has given u an opportunity to show how humble u are and by extension ur family. Like somebody wrote in “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown” Just know that from now u and ur family ar news makers until the searchlight is off u. Carry on with ur life but with moderation. I must be sincere with u, hunger dey Naija. Cheers.

  9. Taye Adetunji Reply

    its high time Nigerians stop believing all they read and see in the media. though there are some elements of truth in some of the reports but we should give the second tot to some of these reports so that we don’t start persecuting innocent individual.This guy’s explanation is clear enough. Nigerians shine ur eyes

  10. olatunde Reply

    It whows a kind of responsibility ugbonna, i appreciate his comments

  11. Trevor James Reply

    Ugonna, you just did what a responsible gentle man would do in time like this. I pray that God will continiuly be with you and make sure you always remember the poor and affect them one way or the other.

  12. Shehu Mustapha Babura. Reply

    Thanks for your apt response, I now know how not to give in to blackmails. Though your family was the target, this smear campaign touched all sane Nigerians in a very negative way.

  13. olawale Reply

    Anyhow, God is watching you

  14. leo Reply

    Young man!Iam proud of you.Your tentative explanation of those photographs clearly exhibits your very high level of innate rationality and soberity.boy! You are a star and no one can take that away from you,beautiful soul.hold your naija head high, boy.Peace

  15. Anonymous Reply

    Good and well thought out explanation. Especially in the light that your Mom may be in the news on her own professional account. How I wish she is not in that situation, because we don’t know the full truth about those oil blocks deals. The pain is that folks like me, would be happy and is happy to see Nigerian women in their own professional abilities occupy such positions and even higher – but get distraught in reading alleged news about her. I think it is a good progress for Nigeria to see more women in the positions of authority. I believe women should have the same opportunities as men. As someone based in US, also an architect and developer, one can not but be happy for your Mom’s professional ability and accomplishments – not supporting her on the alleged matters though, since we don’t know the full truth. What is however important to learn, for you and other young folks, is to be more thoughtful and careful of photos you post online. Especially since you don’t know what positions you yourself may be aspiring to in the future. Thinking ahead is very important. In addition to your explanation, if I may suggest or recommend to you to follow-up with some community work or programs – I don’t know which one. Perhaps starting with poverty reduction program or NGO or mentoring or job creating programs that you can tag your name on. That may even begin to help your Mom to redeem her negative image that has portrayed. You have a beautiful and well educated Mom. I wish her image improves. Try and protect yours at early age. Good luck and best wishes.

  16. Anonymous Reply

    I understand it now. What happened to you is asvwell normal.

  17. Anonymous Reply

    Am impressed with your time to clear doubts in the minds of many. Don’t forget to always honor God in your life. he will sustain and direct your heart bro…, All the best.

  18. Anonymous Reply

    Mr Maduekeke I don’t in any way begrudge you of your lavish lifestyle, but don’t ever say that it is the norm in Nigeria or for the average naija youth. Your mom is a minister in a country where over 80% of live on less than a dollar per day (200 Naira) and you boast of a frivolous limo ride, That is far from the truth. Your momsy & her cohorts made a career in deceitful and corrupt practices which shes already scrambling to cover-up.

  19. Anonymous Reply

    Well you have shown humility and modesty, you did what any person would do to protect the image of his family. For your mother we actually don’t know full truth about alleged matters in petroleum industry but I beleived over time the truth shall prevail.

  20. Anonymous Reply

    Everytime I have spoken about Mrs Diezani, my accounts and impressions have always been consistent. I think she is a very intelligent and beautiful person. I am also impressed with your response and I think it was good you took time out to say your side of the issue. Our social media is still largely immature and so such misinterpretations are bound to occur. I believe your mum did a lot of good to the industry and finally her bill has been passed.(PIB)

  21. Anonymous Reply

    Poor children – with a mother arrested by London police, for fraud, corruption and money laundering.

  22. Anonymous Reply

    Make una leave the guy alone bad belle people na him fault say na poor man born you or na him say make your papa or mama no go school to become person like him parents.Learn to embrace good things.

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