How Ringim Presented Fake Xmas Day Bomb Suspect To Police Minister – Pointblank News

Investigations by has revealed how the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Hafiz Ringim and his cronies, Thursday in Abuja, presented a fake suspect to Police Affairs Minister, Caleb Olubolade, purported to be Kabir Sokoto, the Christmas Day Bomb suspect, in a desperate bid to beat the 24 hour deadline by President Goodluck Jonathan.

This is even as police sources hinted that members of the military have moved Police Commissioner, Zakari Biu who allegedly acted in concert with some top police to facilitate the escape of Sokoto, from house arrest to an unknown Military location.

Biu, who was suspended by the President Olusegun Obasanjo’s administration for gross misconduct, was smuggled into the Force, about 10 years after by his kinsman, Ringim. Biu is believed to be one of the goons of late Sani Abacha, who masterminded the assassination of late journalist, Bagauda Kaltho. He also allegedly slapped Obasanjo across the face while he was member of the panel that tried the former President for treason. Obasanjo had recommended that Biu be dismissed but the then police boss said suspension would be okay.

Some high level sources had told on Thursday that Ringim had announced to the Minister and some top brass that the police at the border had arrested Sokoto.

According very top sources at the Force Headquarters and Police Affairs ministry, Ringim presented a suspect to Olubolade in his office claiming he was Sokoto, the suspected mastermind of the Madalla bombing, who escaped last Friday night. learnt that those who put together the scam , were sure it would fly because when Sokoto was arrested at the Borno State Governor’s lodge in Abuja, no photograph or fingerprints were taken by the police. This also put to question the current photo of Sokoto being circulated by the police.

It was gathered that when Olubolade, who had no clue what Sokoto looks like, heard of the purported arrest of Sokoto, he directed that the suspect be brought to his office.

When the fake suspect who is one of the members of Boko Haram released by the military last year, was ushered into the Minister’s office, Olubolade decided to ask him some questions.

Said our source “They brought another member of the sect to the minister’s office that day, in an attempt to beat the deadline. Don’t forget we have no photograph of him, and the minister had no idea what Sokoto looks like. So they said it was Sokoto, but when the minister asked him what his name was, he gave another name. Those who brought him never envisaged the minister would go that far as question the suspect..

When queried by the Minister, the IGP explained to the Minister that he only met Sokoto once and because of work pressure, he could not immediately identify him as the Christmas Day Bomb suspect.

But some of us know “it’s a lie” Continued the source “ it is well known that the sect has backers even among the President’s men. You will recall that the president confirmed this few weeks ago. If they allow Sokoto to appear in court it would be a disaster, because so many top government officials would be named”

The suspect, who was presented to the minster on Thursday, is still in custody, sources learnt Friday night. further gathered after the mild drama in the minister’s office, it was decided that a bounty of N50 million be put on his head, and that a 9 -man committee be set up to investigate the escape.

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