Nigeria: Jonathan Says Arrests Have Been Made Over Kano Attacks

President Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday said arrests have been made over Friday attacks in the city of Kano that killed almost 200 people and that the supporters of Boko Haram group were being pursued.

The President visited Kano city on Sunday to see the extent of damages caused by the coordinated bombings and gunbattles that rocked the city in attacks claimed by the Boko Haram group.

“A terrorist attack on one person is an attack on all of us,” Jonathan said as he inspected sites targeted in the violence, and met the city’s top Muslim traditional leader, Emir Ado Bayero, pledging to boost security.

“Some arrests have been made. Some died in the process. Some were suicide bombers,” Jonathan said in a BBC interview during the visit.

“There must be people who are sponsoring them. Terrorists all over the world have their source of income,” he said

“We are also looking into those areas to make sure that the so-called Boko Haram… those who are encouraging them, those who are sponsoring them, shall be brought to book.”

Asked about numbers of Boko Haram members, he said: “Nobody can say for now, because you know that they are not organised armed forces.”

Meanwhile, Soldiers were seen patrolling on Sunday in the northern city to ensure security and reassure residents the violence would not be repeated.

But in the neighboring state of Bauchi, a pre-dawn assault left at least 11 people dead in multiple attacks on churches, police station and people’s residence.

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