Ghana: Girl 15 dies, As Lab Technician ‘Denies’ Her Blood

A 15 year old Junior High School leaver from Gemeni in the Volta Region has met her untimely death at the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital in Sekondi, in what appears to be another case of negligence as she was practically denied blood in time by a lab technician.

According to the brother of the deceased, Gideon Gabor, Patience Sakpigi, who is anaemic, died after the lab technician allegedly attempted extorting money from them before issuing out the blood, he allegedly delayed and brought the blood at the eleventh hour.

23 year old Gideon Gabor, a driver residing at Beposo-Dunkwaw in the Shama District of the Western Region, said his sister had come to visit her from Gemeni in the Volta Region only to die under his care after she had complained of headache on Friday night.

He told Maxx News he could not lay the matter to rest, until an appropriate action is taken against the lab technician.

Narrating his ordeal to Maxx News, Mr. Gabor said on their arrival at the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital at about 3:30am last Friday, they were asked by the medical doctor to get blood from the blood bank because his sister was anaemic and needed that to stabilize her. They had been referred from the Daboase Hospital.

He said after they had approached the lab technician on three occasions, they were denied the blood until he paid an amount of GH¢60 although that is not the practice.

“When we got to the Blood Bank, the guy there told us that there is no blood. But a nurse told us that there is blood over there so we should beg the guy perhaps he needs something from us. We went back to the place and begged him but he still insisted there is no blood. So we came back to the Doctor again and the doctor wrote in a red pen making the request and also called him on phone but he was still adamant. So when we went there for the third time, he only told us that the blood available is for somebody and that he can only give it out with an initial payment of 40 cedis then after that I will come back and donate the blood back”.

“He even took 60 Ghana cedis with no receipt before he gave us the blood. By then we had wasted almost one hour thirty minutes so when we got there and the blood was put on her, my sister passed out in three minute” he narrated soberly.

Mr. Gabor blames the lab technician for his sister’s death and wants the law to take its course.

“I felt so bad because there was blood. How can people donate blood freely and when someone needs it you tell him the blood belongs to someone. How is it for somebody? Did the person pay for the blood or what” he queried angrily. I will blame the guy at the blood bank because as for the doctor he tried his best. If that man had given us the blood on time, we wouldn’t have lost our sister. I am not leaving this matter to rest. They have given me two weeks to give me feedback after the investigations so I am waiting for the next action” he noted.

The Western Regional Health Directorate has set up an investigative committee to look into the matter. However the Director of Health Service in the Region Dr. Linda Vanotoo has stated that blood is not supposed to be sold.

She however explained that applicants are to pay a processing fee of between 15 to 20 Ghana Cedis for a pint of blood and also make arrangement to replace that blood through a donor.

According to her, in this particular case, only a pint of blood was given out to the patient and it cost 25 Ghana Cedis. It must be noted however that the lab technician charged 60 Ghana Cedis. Dr. Vanotoo says for now one cannot conclude that it was a case of negligence until investigations are concluded.

Source: Myjoyonline

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