Moroccan Law Graduate Dies After Setting Himself Ablaze In Unemployment Protest

Abdelwahab Zaydoun, a 27-year-old Moroccan has on Tuesday died from self inflicted burns, a day after setting himself on fire in protest against unemployment.

Zaydoun had a master’s degree in law and was part of a group of unemployed graduates who occupied an Education Ministry building in Rabat, the Moroccan capital, to protest their unemployment.

The state news agency confirmed his death, saying he had third-degree burns across 50 percent of his body. The other activist in the hospital had burns across his face and hands but was in good condition.

Zaydoun and others had threatened to set themselves ablaze in protest against police authorities decision to prevent food supplies from reaching them in the building they had occupied for two weeks.

This has become a tactic of protest across North Africa ever since a vegetable seller in Tunisia set himself on fire in December 2010, setting off an uprising that toppled the government.

On Thursday, the government elected in November presented its new plan to parliament with a focus on job creation, education and improving health care. The Islamist-led government promised to create 200,000 new jobs a year through public and private investment.

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