US To Boost Operational Capabilities Of Nigerian Security Agencies

The United States on Tuesday said it would help boost the capabilities of Nigeria’s security agencies.

In a two-day meeting, which started yesterday, US Deputy Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, Mr. William Fitzgerald, read the communiqué at the end of the Regional Security Cooperation Working Group meeting under the US-Nigeria Bi-National Commission (BNC) in Abuja.

Fitzgerald said: “Both sides reaffirmed their commitment to enhance the operational capabilities of the Nigerian security services by identifying avenues that would enable them to respond appropriately to internal security challenges and other threats.

“Prominent areas of collaboration may include training, intelligence sharing, modernisation of the security services, logistics and other requirements.

“Nigeria and the United States governments resolved to participate in more sustained working level engagement and cooperation on security matters, through the United States Embassy in Abuja, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant security agencies.

“Finally, both the Nigerian and US governments agreed to follow-up on these commitments and seek further collaboration to address the challenges that have been identified during the meeting.

“Both countries welcome the involvement of civil society, community-level organisations and other stakeholders in the next meeting of the Regional Security Cooperation Working Group.”

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Martin Uhomoibhi, said: “You do know that government is continuing to exert its efforts locally to deal with these challenges that we face at this time. This is a national responsibility, a responsibility to be discharged by all Nigerians and indeed all residents in the territorial state of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

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