Ghanaians Urged To Remember Nigeria In Prayer

Global Intercessory Prayer Organisation (GIPO), a non governmental organization, has called on Ghanaians to show more concern for Nigeria’s current instability by praying for the country.

This according to the NGO, was due to the crucial deepening relationship that existed between the two countries.

In a statement copied to the GNA on Friday, the Association noted with concern the rate at which churches were being burnt and property destroyed.

The statement extolled the huge role Nigeria played in the socio-economic development of some countries in the West African sub-region including Ghana. “It is a well known fact that Nigerian investments have helped a lot in the socio-economic development of this country.

“The West African Gas Pipeline project and the proliferation of Nigerian-owned banks in the country are typical examples of the corporation between the two countries”.

It said Ghana and Nigeria were the two major powers in the West African sub-region and should therefore stand together and take the leading role in promoting cooperation among other African countries.

Some of the prayer topics include “God’s wisdom for President Goodluck Jonathan to enable him deal with the issues that confront the country”, “Peace between Christians and Muslims” and “Total peace for the embattled country”.

Source: GNA

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