Nigeria: Forgive Boko Haram, Offer Them Amnesty – Speaker Tambuwal

Following a recent report that about 1000 Nigerians have been killed by the Islamic Boko Haram sect in their attack against Nigerians, suggestions have been coming for Nigeria to dialogue with the sect.

The Speaker of the House of Representative, Aminu Tambuwal, has urged the Federal Government to “forgive them (boko haram), bring them to the table and discuss with them to see how to end these problems as part of efforts to end its uprising”.

Speaking in an interview BBC, Tambuwal said: “Those who try to justify acts of terrorism inadvertently fuel terrorists and some do so only to discover later that terrorism is not a matter to be negotiated and win”.

In a related development, the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Azubuike Ihejirika frowned at those encouraging the terrorist group, “It is rather inconceivable that large members of the society would habour criminals only for them to wake up, and strike at targets who live also within the society”.

On the dialogue with Boko Haram, the Chief of Army Staff said that “those who try to justify acts of terrorism inadvertently fuel terrorists and some do so only to discover later that terrorism is not a matter to be negotiated and win”.

This would not be the first time there has been an appeal on the FG to reconsider it’s stance on Boko Haram.

About a month ago, uba Galadima, the National Secretary of the Muhammadu Buhari led Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) had told the same BBC that the FG was underestimating the support that Boko Haram had within the population.

Buba Galadima had reasoned in that interview thus “Why didn’t the president crush the Niger Deltans? That’s a questions a lot of people in this part of the country are asking. Instead they are being rewarded for the economic destruction they brought Nigeria. Why can’t the same be true for Boko Haram? The people are sympathetic to certain principles and ideas,” he told the BBC. If people feel they are being denied anything or an injustice is being meted out to them then there is a likelihood that they will take the law into their own hands and help themselves.”

  1. chidi Reply

    its now obvious that thousand high profile Northern Leaders and Politicians are behind these dastardly act. From there comments, u will read the handwriting onthe wall. What they initially thought that its a group that will protect their interest is now against them. they are now living in fear. But one thing is obvious, they will live to regret their action.Niger Deltians has a course, reason and justification. What is these Boko Haram justification? Time will tell. God bless Nigeria

  2. Imam Newton Wayne Reply

    Nigerians, young and old (especially we the youths) need to wake up and realise to know that these SELFISH, GREEDY AND POWER-HUNGRY so-called ‘political dark-elites’ dont mean anything good for this country and thus certainly not for any of us. They send their children abroad and recruit poor youths to kill their own brothers, sisters, parents and relations and to destroy thier properties. How much do these ‘dark-lites’ loose in the process? Nothing, absolutely nothing. But what of we the youths who allow ourselves to be used, we loose everything. Even the money they spend is not theirs. Its our money stolen from us. The next time any of these aproach you, ask him to send their child along.

  3. Antonio Karmel Reply

    This sort of thing needs to happen! Really its a must to take a look past everything and get upset. Generally this will allow you to take the inititive to make things happen.

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