Jonathan Must Convert to Islam – Boko Haram Leader

The Islamic terror group, Boko Haram’s leader, Imam Abubakar Shekau have given condition for peace and their engaging in any peace discussion, is for President Goodluck Jonathan to “repent to Islam”.

Imam Abubakar Shekau in his latest youtube post said that “”If Jonathan does not repent as a Muslim, even if I die myself, Jonathan’s going to see. He is looking at me like I am nobody, but he will see”.

Imam Shekau said that “Allah instruct him to kill like a chicken”. He was speaking partly in Arabic, English and the Hausa language.

“We are killing police officers, we are killing soldiers and other government people who are fighting Allah and Christians who are killing Muslims and talking badly about our Islamic religion.”

“I am not against anyone, but if Allah asks me to kill someone, I will kill him and I will enjoy killing him like I am killing a chicken”.


  1. Musa lawal Hikima Reply

    This is a very crucial & critical issue it needs expertise analysis.

  2. saidu tanimu Reply

    ur News are current,keep it up.

  3. hamza muazu Reply

    this is wonderful crucial dramatic.

  4. Sulaiman sani Tsafe Reply

    I didn’t beleive in the existance of Bokoharam, it is the work of anti-Nigeria mission of USA

    • Eustace Reply

      you not enlightened young man…go to school and wash away ignorance!

  5. Abubaka Suleman Reply

    This is rather a joke of the century. Iam now convinced that there are types of Boko Haram. The genuine yusufiyya group that have no spokes man but fighting for revenge and the monstrous and evil one sponsored by so-called enemies of president Jonathan who are equally enemies of our great nation in concert with American vested intrest in Nigerian oil. Nigeria and president Jonathan will Insha Allah slowly but surely emmerge victorious soon

  6. ahmad Reply

    this people are illiteret and they are trying too hard to tarnish the image of our prophet… our prophet doent kill proplr he is a merciful but this basterds are doing so may Allah give the government the victory over the boko haram

  7. Adeyelu Omowale Reply

    The menace of Boko Haram is of utmost importance I suggest that if the Federal Government can not curtail the atrocities of these notorious sect she should seek the assistance of advanced countries like America, Britain etc.

  8. khadijah Reply

    Dese ar nt d boco haram in northern part,dey ar fake. Dis is d hand work of d politician,na lie oooo. How can u said dat jonathan 2 convert 2 lslam which isn’t possible, did dey force dem in2 islam?why ar dey forcin him in2 islam,which is nt suppose 2 be. We still hav a long way 2 go nigerians. Dis politicians sha,dey taught nigerians are fools abi. God go cash dem. Wake up nigerians,dis politicians ar turning us 2 mumu. O ga oooooo. Allah bless nigeria. b4 na fuel subsidy,now convert in2 islam so dat we go think say na muslim dey cause am abi. My God go catch all of u way wan destroys islam.

  9. efriday1 Reply

    This shows how passionate nigerians can be about religion. It is the dividing line 4 our unity. God help nigeria.

  10. TRUTH Reply

    First, in reply to one of the comments, the prophet Muhammed did kill and Boko Haram is practically following his footsteps. The Quran advises to confirm information so please do so. However, the credit I give the prophet is the quoted Allahs words in the Quran. I speak from a pagan’s perspective. When one honestly reads the Quran with direct emphasis on Allah’s words, the person will be lured to understand more thru the so called people of the messages/book ie jews and christians. Many irrelevant and personal decisions ruin the islamic religion. Moses the hebrew prophet stated that a prophet like him will be sent to the isrealites, after they complained about hearing God’s voice directly. A long line of prophets preceeded this one who is regarded as the messiah. Most of these prophets also highlighted his forthcoming. The Quran states that the angel told the virgin mary that she will conceive the word of God. The bible states that this word of God is God himself begotten and made flesh. Muhammed did form a tradition which is based on his on jurisdiction, not God. The word of God, formed a church – the catholic church. The Quran advises to seek the truth, please seek the truth. Allah bless everyone including Imam shekau.

    • Murphy Reply

      TRUTH is one! You’ve said it all, & that’s what all of us MUST embrace b4 we can know PEACE.

  11. danbwarang Reply

    this is a joke

  12. Mgbadike Reply

    Iman go ahead and do ur worse. U can only come to the verge of making ur states a desolate area as said in the Bible. Boko harrasment. Mchew

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