NIgeria: The Face of Liars: Probe of Fuel Subsidy Liars-in-Chief – OsunDefenders

Fuel subsidy Probe:
Farouk Lawan: what is Nigeria’s daily fuel consumption?
Diezieni: 52million Liters
NNPC: 35m liters
DPR: 43m liters
PPPRA: 24M liters
Okonjo: 40M liters.

Farouk Lawan: What was the subsidy for 2011?
Diezieni: 1.4Trillion
Okonjo: 1.3Trillion
CBN: 1.7Trillion.

Farouk Lawan: Can we have the KPMG REPORT?
Okonjo: I have to go through the report first
Diezieni: I have not seen the report.

Farouk Lawan
: What is the production capacity of our local refineries?’
NNPC: 30%
PPPRA: 20%
DPR: 13%
Diezieni: 15%.

Farouk Lawan
: Does Nigeria pay subsidy on locally refined Products?
Diezaini: it depends
NNPC: The lay man cannot understand how it’s done
PPPRA: yes
DPR: No.

Farouk Lawan: Why is Kerosene still scarce?
Diezieni: Because its use by the aviation industry as aviation fuel
NNPC: Because there is no subsidy so NNPC overstretched its resources
PPPRA: it’s not properly deregulated.

Farouk Lawan: what is the balance in the subsidy accounts?
Diezieni: it’s a virtual account
NNPC: There is no account in existence as the lay man will look at it
PPPRA: The account is a technical one
CBN: There is no account with us for subsidy
Okonjo: The account exists but not with a bank

  1. Garba Abubakar Dule Reply

    What is there to comment about? I only say as some of my brothers should’ve said when the lid is blown wide open ‘ngbati ngbati’

  2. osharode oke Reply

    The inconsistency in their report indicates how low minded & aquainted they re wit regards to the office they supervise, its now left for GEJ to know wat to do wit these incapable hands in his cabinet. No matter how intelligent one is, was this a job interview, then they ve failed, no doubt. I wish they can be sacked & replaced wit critics as in the case of Jega in INEC.

  3. dinocrisis Reply


  4. Ibn Ibrahim Reply

    What a shame!
    This is a total embrasement. Let them all go back to school after they have been imprisoned for their reckless act.

  5. ugochukwu nwankwo Reply

    hon.pls ask then which date that nigeria got their independence so that they will give one answer. what a shame to our leaders.

  6. ps3 yellow light Reply

    Informative and precise…

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