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President Goodluck Jonathan’s 25-person delegation to Addis Ababa for the 18th African Union Summit is soundly dwarfed by that of his wife, Patience, who is travelling with a 32-person crowd, according to an initial list of officials traveling with the president.

The trip is the first major test of the two-week old pledge by the President to minimize the scandalously-large travel parties for which he has been known.

Mr. Jonathan is in Ethiopia for the 18th African Union (AU) Summit, the theme of which is “Boosting Intra-African Trade,” while Mrs. Jonathan will attend a nominal African Ladies Forum on the margins.

The president dropped from the initial list the Governor of Cross River State, Liyel Imoke, because of today’s Supreme Court ruling which kicked five governors of the People’s Democratic Party from office. In his place, Jonathan traveled with Dr. Segun Mimiko, the Governor of Ondo State.

Mr. Jonathan, who faces continuing discontent from Nigerians over a steep hike in the price of petrol, had announced during the mass protests he would cut official salaries as well as abuse by his government. He pledged to reduce drastically the number of officials traveling with him on foreign trips, but his first outing following the OccupyNigeria revolt does not seem to have remembered those promises.

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  1. Garba Abubakar Dule Reply

    What do you expect Nigerians? Jonathan needs the large crowd because he is afraid of ‘Boko haram’ n the ‘Dame’ wanted the large number of women to help her keep a round the clock surveillance on ‘Jonny boy’ or to fill in where she comes short, or rather she is also a ‘tigress’ who need a lot of ‘attention’ n ‘styles’.

  2. Abubakar Suleman Reply

    Well, let me say that i was nt a fan of president jonathan until he took the wise and timely decision to completely deregulate the oil industry by removing the so-called subsidy which has been the clog to Nigeria quest to industralization and development. Pls do nt insinuate anything about my opinion. It may interest you to know dt I did nt vote 4 president jonathan in April general election of 2011 nt because i did nt like him as a person or based on any sentiment bt bcse i had reservations dt he wil nt be able to take this kind of hard decision whc wil move this nation forward. Mr. President suprised me and all those skeptics dt meant well for Nigeria. Today president jonathan is my hero and so long as he remained focus, i wil continud to support him and even vote for him in the future. Mind u also iam a jobless Nigerian bt have hope. On the issue of cut in governance and the travelling entourage of the president and the 1st lady. In as much i do nt agree wt borgus govt expenditure, i think mr. President team & dt of the 1st lady to the A.U should be justify if it is made up of professionals and other diplomats dt wil perform one function or the other. Personally i dnt see anythin wrong in the presidnt or the 1st lady movin wt entourage if and only if they ar carefully selected. I wil only query unproductive crowd. For God’s sake Nigeria president is nt the president of comoros island. The 1st lady is also there to attend an important session on women dev in africa. I guess some of the women in her entourage are heads of women grps & professionals who wil interact wt their couterpart frm other afri2n nations. Even the staunch critics of the 1st lady wil nt dismiss her passionate role, concern and programme 4 women & children. Pls let us maintained the momentum in askin 4 good governance bt should also be patient wit mr. President to see through his reform. God bless Nigeria.

  3. Adeyelu Omowale Reply

    I A̶̲̥̅♏ not against the entourage of the president or first lady rather I’m concerned about the delivery of dividends of Democracy to all Nigerians. I implore them to write their names in the anals of history by transforming Nigeria for the best.

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