Video: Patrick Obahiagbon – Nigerian Big Grammar Parliamentarian, Speaks At Occupy Nigeria Protest

Honorable Patrick Obahiagbon, the Nigerian Parliamentarian who speaks big grammar has voiced his opinion during the recent occupy Nigeria protest against the removal of fuel subsidies.

Watch and laugh!

  1. Non Reply

    He is not communicating to anyone that is hw bad it can be.

  2. Olayinka olarewaju Reply

    Obahiagbon is always 100% grammatically perfect. Yos, he is bombastic but every thing he says is in the english dictionary

    • Liz Reply

      Hmnn Make we just wait and see! I know that some power breroks will be behind the screen. Presido will etch his name in gold if those sacred cows get punished at the end of the day.

  3. uche Reply

    my dears……………………dis one na first rate commedy. I had a hearty laff

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