Nigeria: Sports Commission Spent N1.2M To Open “FREE” Facebook Account

The Director General of the National Sports Commission (NSC) of Nigeria, Chief Patrick Ekeji, has been summoned by the House of Representatives to defend the Commission’s expenditures, including spending a whopping N1.2 million (USD8,000) on a facebook account, which is FREE to everyone else.

A high profile investigative panel has been set up by the House to look into allegations of financial misappropriation and abuse of office, calling on Ekeji to explain how its N3.7 billion budgeted advanced to the Commission for the 10th All Africa Games held in Maputo in 2011 was spent.

According Nigerian Tribune:

“He (Chief Ekeji) is expected to defend how he transferred monies to 19 sports federation; N1,200,000.00 (One million, two hundred thousand naira) used in opening Facebook account for the National Sport Commission; N182, 124, 179,000.00 used in rehabilitating the National Stadium in Lagos, and another N117,875,820.95 used in rehabilitating the Obafemi Awolowo Stadium (Liberty Stadium) Ibadan.

“Ekeji will also provide warrant of approval by President Goodluck Jonathan for him to expend the sum of N350,000,000.00 from the yet to be approved 2012 Budget for the London 2012 Olympic Game.”

The NSC currently has 5,444 fans on the facebook page it claims to have bought for N1.2 million ($8,000), while opening the page does not cost a dime. The Tribune speculated that the commission might have paid a consultant to create and manage the page. It is also likely that the Commission had budgeted facebook account fee was a good way to embezzle some funds.

The NSC is responsible for implementing policy and programs of the FG with respect to sports development, infrastructure and facilities.

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