Keeping It Real With Adeola – Episode 13

In this episode Adeola examines the strategies president Jonathan plans to use in tackling Boko Haram. Meanwhile, a young Congolese has invented the African version of Ipad; a Zimbabwean couple gave birth to a Chinese baby, and more stories. Enjoy!

  1. asha tolulope Reply

    Nice one sister

    • Simon Reply

      get them into ucdeation and higer ucdeation and that will be thier success for life! thats defiantely 1 heck of a money making project that will be rewarding and successful and then they can be teachers and help others and pass down knowledge etc and work too. also, stop cheap labour. they are humans just as much as every other human in the world. no1 is superior than the other. not even the kings, queens and presidents!

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