Kenyan City Moves To Legalise Prostitution

The City Council of Nairobi has launched plans to legalise prostitution in the city.

Mayor George Aladwa said on Friday a committee of experts has been established at the council to harmonise various laws that touch on the business.

Aladwa said the council has been receiving complaints from prostitutes of constant harassment by council askaris hence the need for the authorities to find a lasting solution to the problem.

“The legal teams will look into the Constitution, city bylaws and other laws governing the council operations and come up with the best ways of allowing them to engage in the business,” said Aladwa.

The team is also expected to designate a place where the business will be conducted. The mayor argued, if legalised, the business could generate revenue that can assist the council it is operations.

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  1. chike Reply

    The could learn a thing or two from germany to see how its done and coordinated there.

  2. kle Reply

    I hope that finally legalise prostitution around the Kenya!

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