Boko Haram Is The Creation Of Northern Elites, Driven By Lust For Power – OLM Group

The Oodua Liberation Movement (OLM), a Yoruba pressure group, on Tuesday said Boko Haram has no ideology, adding that it is the creation of the northern elites and merely driven by the lust for power of the hegemonic northern elite.

The group said this after the extremist Boko Haram sect recently sent a message to the Federal Government asking for dialogue and naming some Northern leaders to negotiate with the government on its behalf.

According to OLM, “We say without fear of contradiction that Boko Haram is the creation of the northern elites. This has been demonstrated clearly by the choice of the groups chief negotiator. Nothing confirms the parochial ethnic agenda of this group than the fact that it has spared communities inhabited by Hausa-Fulani Christians, while Yorubas and northern minority Muslims have been direct victims of the groups campaign of terror. OLM averred.

It accused the Northern Caliphate of complicity in the decimation of humanity in Nigeria because of its “callous pursuit of greed and avarice”.

“If the group attacks any Yoruba or Itsekiri person, we shall hold the Hausa-Fulani oligarchy and their organisation across Nigeria responsible. OLM is not opposed to a group campaigning for ethnic interest but such campaigns should be waged within the confines of international laws and convention.

“Our position has always been that Nigeria is not a nation. We support anything that will lead to the collapse of the evil empire called Nigeria, since the country thrives on the blood of innocent people. However, we will prefer the division of the country to be done in a peaceful way. But with the campaign of terror by the Boko Haram sect, we urge the Yoruba people to prepare for the worse scenario.”

“We can see clearly that there is a sharp contest between those who want to keep Nigeria under their jackboots and those forces that cherish human liberty and democratic values. This is like light and darkness, which can never live together,” OML said.

  1. Rilwan B.shehu Darazo Reply

    This is Idiot,don’t u see that all the attacks were in the north?Do u think that north can not survive in Isolation?Let u devide the country.All the developed countries in the world do not have oil.therefore,north can stand on its own if the county devided.Moreover,You hv 2 know that”You”(Yorubas)hv 2 stand on your own,likewise Igbo,and Niger Delta on their own.If the north is removed out of Nigeria the country must be devided in2 4.

    • smith Reply


    • tunji Reply

      U must really b daft rilwan or wateva u call urself,like most of ur northern counterparts u r bakward-im sure u r a BH idiot as well.can u show any progress we made all d years 9ja was ruled by northerners?c wat IBB&abacha hav done 2 d education sector,they want all of us 2 go bak 2 d stone age and live in mud huts with harems in d bakyard.d attaks are in d north cos its only bakward ppl dat will allow demself 2 b used as sucide bombers just cos dey want 2 disvirgin 7 virgins in wateva hell they r definately going 2 end up.obviously dey are sex starved.den wats ur biz if we separete and yoruba,igbo,mid-belt&SS decide 2 live 2geda in peace and harmony since u&some of ur aboki colleagues feel u cannot live in 9ja with us?u go ur own way &let d rest of us sort ourselvs out if 9ja must seperate.definately,d north will survive but u will not thrive or fare as well as u think/hope,who do u want 2 sell ur forex 2?d emir?will u eat all ur cattles urself?
      Rilwan try and get real,get a life and education then com bak and tell me d diffrence.Muturu.

  2. lawrence Reply

    We have always known that there is even nothing like BH, the bad eggs in power just set them there to destroy the present administration.

  3. Perewai Reply

    Until those illiterate,terrosit,islamic extremist hausa or there other name boko haram are made to know that to rule is not by force nt their birth right Nigeria will nt move forward.

  4. saddiqah Reply

    Some people never seize to amaze me. Thrs a sayn dat goes “common sense is not common.” Y is’t so hard 4 som 2 c dat its nt abt d north bh Nigeria as a whole. Y dnt u pause n ask urslf som qsts.. Y r d attacks predominantly in d north? If christians were targetd y states lyk kano, maiduguri whr majority of d population r muslims, y force’s outlets nt religious places? So it’s btr we unite as 1 nation n solve this problem rather than scrutinizing northern muslims. No matter hw bad Nigeria gets, its stl our nation n d only place we ought to b proud of…

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