Group Threatens Reprisal Attack On Boko Haram For Threatening Soyinka

In the wake of the threat by the extremist Boko Haram sect to kill Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, a Yoruba socio-political group, The Oodua Liberation Movement, (OLM) has on Tuesday said that any attack by the group on him would spell doom for Nigeria.

The group stated this in a statement entitled, Boko Haram threat against Soyinka: We shall attack business interests of the caliphate. The statement signed by the groups secretary, Mr Leye Akindara said it viewed the Boko Harams threat as the epic of extreme madness and a call to war.

The group stated that the threat or plan to attack Soyinka is a direct assault on Yoruba civilization. It Described the sect as a bunch of bloodthirsty anarchists.

“Prof Soyinka has spent the greater part of his youth and adult life defending human liberty and the most cherished principles of democracy. If Boko Haram attacks Soyinka, the OLM will hold the Hausa-Fulani elders solely responsible. We believe in the philosophy of proportional response. Any attack on Soyinka is an attack on the Yoruba people. We already consider this threat as equivalent of an attack.”

On the death sentence passed on Major Hamza El-Mustapha, the former Chief Security Officer to the late president, Gen Sanni Abacha, OLM said the judgment must be implemented swiftly and decisively.

The group stated: We support the death sentence passed on a man who has wasted many souls. This is a man who fed animals with the flesh of Nigerians. The condemnation of the death sentence by the northern oligarchy is an action that smacks of hypocrisy.

Soyinka had earlier revealed that he was not only on the sect’s assassination list but very close to the top.

He said he has reported this to the security operatives in the country and they confirmed the information but he expressed disappointment that the security operatives have not taken action on the threat.

Soyinka said: “The reason for this programme (elimination) which I know is very much their third phase, is that those pushing this agenda know very well that this could be the last straw that will break the camel’s back.

  1. A.A.Danja 1 Reply

    It seems this group are not helping matters. The BH are not implimenting any thing called “Northern Agenda” nobody is supporting their activities in the north in fact 90% of all their victims are Muslim Northerners. So if any body feel that the present contraption called Nigeria should disintegrate there is no need for threat let us all sit down and divide this country without continous shedding of innocent Nigerians blood, period.

  2. tunji Reply

    R u saying dat 90%of dos dat died in d UN building& madalla bombings r muslims?dos displaced&now homeless igbos in Kano etc nko?they r muslims 2 abi?den y attak innocents-muslim or otherwise- in d 1st place?y not govt bldgs& govt officials?afterall their grouse is with govt.Y target soyinka?dis is som1 who takles govt&govt policies(just lik BH)
    Den wen u say “nobody supports their activity in the north”are u speaking hypothetically or wishfully?how can an almajiri afford a gun?dat bastard dat was apprehended in d “borno govt house”nko?did he come 2 beg 4 alms or 2 pik arms&blood mony?don’t say nobody,speak 4 urself my friend.
    Get ur facts rite pls,don’t just leave comments cos its free of charge &we can’t see u 2 hold u accountable 4 ur statements.
    Have a BH free day.

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