Nigeria: Boko Haram Seeks Dialogue With FG – Names 5 Negotiators

The violent Islamic sect, Boko Haram on Tuesday sent a message to the Federal Government asking for dialogue and naming some Northern leaders to negotiate with the government on its behalf.

A Nigerian Television Authority Network News monitored at 9 pm on Tuesday said the sect indicated its readiness for talks via a video tape brought to the station by two masked men.

Although, the authenticity of the video is being investigated by security agents, as it came on a day that multiple blasts rocked Kaduna with the armed forces as target.

The negotiators appointed by the group to talk on its behalf were also named in the video.

The tape which NTA claimed was delivered by an unidentified source featured two figures, fully masked in black. Only the voice of one was heard, while the other was silent.

The speaker who did not identify himself said: “On behalf of myself and my organisation, we hereby confirm and accept the statement made by Mr. President (Goodluck Jonathan). We have people we respect and trust to mediate between us and the government.

“These persons are Sheik Abubakar Gemuno, Dr Shettima Mongunu, Alhaji Bukar Ibrahim, Alhaji Junadu Idris and a peace broker who is also our mother Barrister Aisha Al Wakil.

“The decision taken by these men (members) can bring a change to the entire situation. Their word is our word. We trust and respect them.”

  1. Lanre Reply

    No dialougue, no amnesty, no mercy for the wicked. No way

  2. Math emma Reply

    This guys shld be interogated so that useful informations we be gotten from them.

  3. Adedeji Abdulateef Reply

    I think we should open up dialogue with them if they are really geniue member of the sect, indentify them, negotiate and then proceed with the appropriate action. We need to know their mission, aim, objectives and target so that can know how to takle them. who ever will catch monkey will have to act like one….

  4. Iklimat mohammed Reply

    I believe dis sect are not faceless as they’re called by d media bt human beings who are not abov God’s warrant. They wld soon be xposed

  5. tunji Reply

    Hmmm,tins r really changing o.Is dis not d same BH dat oppose anything wetern education?how come they have a “lady barrister”on their team?aren’t these d same ppl dat beliv women should be covered all day and left in their husbands harem?they must be getting sloppy&desper8 now(I laugh)
    They don’t know wat dey want.

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