Boko Haram Threatens Attack On GSM Service Providers And NCC

Members of the Jamatul Ahlis Sunnah lid Daawa wal Jihad aka Boko Haram on Monday threatened that they will soon start to attack GSM service providers and Nigeria Communication Commission, NCC, offices for collaborating with security agencies to arrest their members.

Speaking in a telephone interview with journalists in Maiduguri, the purported spokesman of the dreaded group, Abul Qaqa, said the arrest of some top leaders of the sect will not stop the “holy war”.

Boko Haram sect is holding GSM service providers responsible for providing to security agents call log facilities with the cooperation of the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC). That body, it said, has also been penciled down to be attacked.

The spokesperson spoke in Hausa, using an anonymous telephone number.

He said: “No matter what, we cannot be deterred. No amount of arrest of leaders will stop us from striking, but like I said we will strike and it will be soon.”

“The arrest of Abu Dardaa and re-arrest of Kabiru Sokoto is just a will of God,” he said, adding that instead of being demoralised, the sect will wax stronger in doing the “work of God”.

He also denied some media reports that the sect forces its members to carry out suicide missions.

“How can you force somebody who will gladly wave at his people with a smile before embarking on a suicide mission?” Qaqa asked.

“People are claiming that there is (sic) faction and ethnicity among our members; we are all united and working for the cause of Allah. We are even waxing stronger by the day. We are ready to face the whole world and not only the Nigerian military,” Qaqa said.

  1. Axelle Reply

    Excellent points Chelsea! I cmetlepoly agree with you when it comes to military action. It is not necessary right now with this terrorist group. Terrorism only occurs when one group is being neglected and not represented in the government, essentially when there are grievances from a group. It is obvious that the predominantly Christian government has ignored the Muslim groups in the country and they are trying to attract attention. Goodluck Johnathan needs to evaluate himself as a leader and what ALL his people need.

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