Joke: What A Shock…A Presenter’s Advise To A Caller

PRESENTER: Wats ur contribution?

CALLER: There is dis lady i wanted in my life shortly after my NYSC,bt all my efforts proved abortive. She wouldn’t pick my calls, she would laff at me while passing by 4 reasons best known 2 her. 5 months later,i was able 2 get my apartment,get a new car courtesy of a contract job i secured wit a major oil company.Now most of d missed calls i have ar hers,barrage of sms n al dat. I am confused on wat 2 do.
Pls advice me.

PRESENTER: Listen up. Give ha a call lettin her know u’ll b at her house in 2 hrs. Wen its time,call her up n delay 4 anoda 2hrs. Take a cool shower,wear a 9ce outfit n attention catching perfume. Wen its time,drive 2 her house,walk 2 her door n knock. 1ce she opens,wit d sexiest smile u’ve got,look stylishly in2 her eyes,draw her slowly 2 urself, take ur mouth close 2 her ear n whisper ‘THUNDER FIRE U’!

  1. jinkai Reply

    Jesus christ,wat an advice

  2. naf9 Reply


  3. Saeed Reply

    Gud advise in ma opinion, infact! HOLY GHOST FIRE JOIN TOO

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