Mugabe Not Spared As EU Lifts More Zimbabwe Sanctions

The European Union has lifted some more of its sanctions against top officials and institutions in Zimbabwe.

An EU diplomat said the bloc was ending measures against 20 entities and 51 people – including the Justice and Foreign ministers.

However, restrictions on President Robert Mugabe continue.

The EU lifted 35 sanctions last year, noting the power-sharing government was making “significant progress” in addressing its economic crisis.

President Mugabe and more than 100 key members of his inner circle remain the subject of restrictions, which include asset freezes and bans on travelling to European countries.

EU remains concerned that pledges made after violent elections in 2008, including promises to reform the police and security services, were not being honoured.

The EU diplomat said the travel bans on Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa and Foreign minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi were lifted so they could visit Brussels for talks, but their assets remained frozen.

The US-based campaign group Human Rights Watch earlier called on the EU not to lift its sanctions.

Source: Africa Review

  1. Jay Reply

    Thanks for the comments.The point about iducateon is very interesting but I think an abundance of educated, even over-educated people is characteristic of lots of Sub-Saharan Africa, and particularly of its diaspora. The problem is that jobs don’t exist for the educated (though rapidly expanding NGO sectors are creating them), or for the mass of the less educated. Interesting if Mugabe has actively restrained jobs for the best educated which seems to me a suicidal policy, given that it’s such classes that lead (if not power) political opposition to dictatorship or repression.And Stanley I do completely agree that the future is very uncertain agricultural policy as I allude to at the end, is going to be of crucial importance. I don’t see one emerging, though to be fair in the context of drought, sanctions and land reform it’s a pretty difficult time to do that. Doesn’t excuse not doing it though.

  2. Salim Reply

    and his family and day we will dissmis u . time is approching dont forget the u kill so many heroes before and after independence

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