Nigeria: Bomb Explodes Near Church In Suleja

Residents flee the scene of the explosion

A bomb exploded on Sunday near the Christ Embassy church in Suleja, Niger State in the middle of a worship service, police said.

According to police, one person was seriously injured and rushed to the hospital while four others suffered minor injuries. Some cars were also destroyed in the bomb blast.

The bomb was planted inside an abandoned vehicle outside the church and exploded at the beginning of Sunday service.

Security men attached to the church discovered the bomb and alerted the head pastor who thereafter informed the congregation of the development.

The explosion occurred along Morocco road close to a training center known as Best Option Academy. The cause of the bomb is not clear yet.

  1. Aminu Reply

    Thiz iz getting out of hand. Bt wait a munite, diz boko haram of a thin, were are they getting their weapons 4rm? I think both the muslim nd christian leaders ar involve in the sponsoring ship of this just as both muslims nd christians ar the members of the sect.
    Nigerians stop killing urselves!!!!!

  2. Arabianknight Reply

    Fuck good luck jonathan he is bad luck to us all.

  3. fuck ! Reply

    fuck boko harm .they should go kiss the ass of mad Hausa man.No mater how much their little strength can carry them in bombing churches,christian are strong and can never give up in worshiping the true living God…ha haha ha a ! i de laugh bokoharam because they are only displaying acts of ignorance and childish behavior.

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