Nigerian Man 28, Marries 71-Year-Old White Lady

In a wedding ceremony at Ikoyi registry, Lagos, a 28-year-old Nigerian man has tied the knot with a 71-Year-Old European woman. Despite the 43 years difference in their ages, the couple expressed they got married because they are deeply in love. However, many Nigerians are saying this wedding maybe for other reasons but love.

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    Know wahala go on

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    Na greener pasture na….

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    ok Allah know best to all things go on for people becarefully say what you don’t know if you like to know ask them than singing againt your soul happy marriage life

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    That is her choice

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    May the lord forgive boyh the husband and wife amen

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    that really foolish how can a boy of 28 marry a woman of 71 that really needs deliverance

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    Now that’s one rich lady
    , or they r really in love?

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    my guy mek u no mind themoo, most of them DEY target dat Ur wife. so be very careful bro! enjoy Ur marriage joor…!!

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    cry for wealth

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    Marriage lif succes but u did it somhow

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    my guy u be stupid why u go marry yur gramama

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    no don’t say so the boy need money .his reasoning is that when the woman dies he will get the whole property.

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    happy married live,but the na fool ooh

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    wat! wats ds world turning into wanders wil never end, have search tru d Bible but have found none as ds, bt maybe ds wat d bible says: dat a woman wil b begin a man to marry her just to bear his nam,bt if not,its a devilish marriage, in future terms just found out d score,cus i kno, it wil stand.

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    Hahahahaa this guy is a joke

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    Haha i am surpering for that

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    Na waooh

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    olori buruku o

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    olori buruku o !

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    marriage is a blessing may be d guy is now blessd n two is better than one may be life don better for two of them now but i know some who are married now their life now is worse than when they were singles

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    Love is a tedency toward simplicity which can’t be violated with any impunity…Paul Henry Eboh : USA Poetry Ambassador.

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    God is in control

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